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Memories from a Parallel World?

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I was sent here on a mission. "Trovu la ringon perditan - Find the lost ring" It's been two months and I haven't found the ring yet - at least, I don't think I have. Maybe in a parallel world, we've already found the lost ring. Maybe in a different version of reality, we've already achieved a big part of our mission. Who knows how our missions played out in the rest of the multiverse. Maybe Lucie stayed in France. Maybe Diego never came home from his geographic investigation in Brazil. Maybe Markus still has normal hair. What if in a different branch of the multiverse, Eli Hunt didn't hide from me? What if he didn't go to South America? What if I had managed to convince him to stay and share everything he knows? In that world, have we already found the lost ring? I know this probably sounds pointless. Why ask so many questions about what might have happened? But there's a very good reason I'm obsessing over parallel realities. In Chapter 16 of the Lost Ring Codex, we learned about the theory of athletic synchronization. We learned that memories of our own lives in an alternate reality can be recovered. We can use labyrinth training to synchronize with parallel versions of ourselves. So guess what? That's exactly what I did today. I went to the labyrinth at Cardiff Castle today to see if I could remember finding the lost ring in a different version of reality. After tracing the path of the labyrinth exactly 27 times, I had a vision. A very strange vision. Eli and were working together in his study. We had been up all night pouring over the Lost Ring Codex reading your theories on emails and the forums. We were on the omphaputer testing every possible command. The vision was short. Too short. It ended with me remembering a new code for the omphaputer. "MAKE OMPH KNOT" You know, make an omphalos knot like you would make to tie two strings together. The command works. Try it in the omphaputer. It does some crazy stuff. I don't know what the crazy means yet. You have to run the command yourself and let me know what you think. In the meantime we have to try and figure out: what is the omphaputer showing us? And how do we do that in the real world? I have the feeling my parallel self hasn't figured that part out yet. When we figure it out, maybe Other-Ariadne can walk a labyrinth and remember what we already know in this world. This is getting complicated. But I like it. It's multiverse collaboration. Let's hope it works.

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Posted by: ariadnelost on Apr 17, 2008

I tried a personal labyrinth today, to see if I could synchronize the multiverse Ariadnes. Did it work? Maybe... I remembered something very strange about Eli Hunt...

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