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TIP Submission 2018

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Hi, my name is Lorraine Munoz I am 16 years old, I attend North High School in Torrance, California My career field of interest is International Business Because I have always been so interested to see as to how a business works And how it gets things done And on top of that, I am very interested in traveling And I hope to one day work and travel at the same time My parents came from Peru to the United States When they are about 20 years old Because they wanted to achieve the American Dream And on top of that They wanted better opportunites for my siblings and I Because they never had that when they were my age And the TIP program is an example As to the many opportunities That my parents wanted for me And I believe that the TIP program Is so amazing because it lets students Have some exposure In a career field of interest that they have And I know that by being a TIP intern I would work very hard because I know that what sets me apart from Other applicants is my work ability** And just being able to set a goal for myself I achieve that by doing whatever I can to get that done And I know that TIP will help me reach my goals because I will be able to get some knowledge and just exposure in general In a career field of interest that I have Because I know that many students nowadays Find it difificult to find a job In the major that they had when they applied Because it was not something that they were truly interested in After going to school for four years And I hope that with TIP I can get some of that knowledge beforehand Before I oficially decide on what I want to do Thank you

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Posted by: lorrainemunozz on Feb 21, 2018

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