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Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 03/21/11

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They want more bloodshed. For weeks, Libyan rebels have been fighting to overthrow their brutal dictator - Colonel Gaddafi. Yet all of a sudden, the international community has decided to intervene violently! And the U.S. won't be left behind. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have led us into a third unethical and non-defensive conflict. This one in Libya. This is unquestionable proof that when it comes to war there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats. Both parties' leadership were power-hungry and blood-thirsty. As there is no logical, ethical or reasonable argument, certainly no lawful argument, for our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. But let's not forget, this action is ???ly unconstitutional. Congress did not declare war on Libya. And what you may not know is that more time was spent at the Constitutional Convention when they wrote it, in 1787, debating who or what the new government would initiate, rather than on war. On no other topic was discussed more than war. It is clear beyond dispute that the Constitution says only Congress can declare war and war can only mean the governmental use of military assets for violence. Ask anyone on the ground, even Western journalists, if firing 120 Tomahawk missiles is not an act of war. Only completely perverted logic could conclude that our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and now Libya are not acts of war that constitutionally require a formal declaration by the Congress. Here now, one of America's strongest critics of wars of opportunity, a true champion of liberty, Texas Republican congressman Ron Paul. Congressman Paul, welcome to Freedom Watch. Thank you judge. Why would the President of the United States go to the UN Security Council, and not the Congress, to get approval to wage war in Libya? I think he philosophically believes in one-world government. He wants to keep nudging us in that direction. I don't believe that he has a conviction that sovereignty has any value. So therefore, if they can diminish the Congress and if he diminishes the Congress and he can get his authority from the United Nations this enhances what he believes in. But he's not alone you know, the leadership and and both parties have been nudging in that direction for a long time. Why are the leadership in both parties, particularly, Congressman Paul, the congressional leadership, not protecting congressional tariff? Why isn't the Congress, or Speaker Boehner, saying: "You can't do this. Only we can do it. You didn't even come to us. You wanted those characters on the Upper East Side of Manhattan."? Who's there besides you and Congressman Kucinich to protect the constitutional prerogatives of the Congress? Well, we have a few more but our numbers are small. We tried to do something last week about bringing troops out of Afghanistan. Our numbers are growing but at the same time we barely have a number worth anything to get us out of Afghanistan. Here we are getting ready to start another one.

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