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Workplace Communication Skills

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From phone calls to conversations presentations to blogs and texts to tweets Communication is how we send and receive messages and those messages surround us there in are words are tone of voice in our expressions in our inboxes and our mailboxes in a conversation with coworkers or the important meeting with our boss It’s the tail to the head or the roll of the eye Communication allows us to share our false to learn and exchange ideas To serve customers and clients With so many messages to set through we over to ourselves and to others to be the best communicators we can Recent surveys the national association of colleges and employers found that the ability to communicate effectively rent as the most important skill for new hires the ability to speak and write well and to listen effectively is your key to career success so whether you're talking twitting, texting, emailing or simply listening someone else has to say You are using set of skills that is highly value in the working world in this video we will talk about the skills needed to communicate effectively in the work place by focusing on the four primary ways we communicate Verbally through our speech Nonverbally through our facial expressions and body language By listening to the messages of others And finally through our writing we'll show you examples of communication skills Both effective and not so effective And providing the strategies you can use To improve your own skills Feel free to pause this video it anytime To jot down notes answer questions or discuss what you seen when you're finished You will know how better communication can help you achieve success

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Posted by: jieling on Apr 20, 2013

Very helpful video!

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