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Alex Jones: Bilderberg used us as engine for 'covert empire', but people wake up!

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mysterious and elite, for decades some of the worlds most powerful people have come together to form a secret society, of sorts. but now some of their secrets may be exposed. Joining me with more, on the bilderberg group is radio host: Alex Jones Alex, i'm wondering what you think about this does this mean that the in's and out's of the bilderberg group will become more mainstream now that this author is coming out, to talk about it more. well european union member parliament Mario Borghezio last year questioned, in the parliament why so many heads or postions were bilderberg group members and of course, last year. Judge member of parliament Harry von bamal also petitioned two members of the bilderberg group who were in the E U government to explain themselves, so what's happening is more and more people in governments In different european national governments and in the E U government are realizing That the real decisions are being made at globalist meetings. like the Bilderberg group and we wrote a story last week at titled: Bilderberg group the open conspiracy because when Jim Tucker was reporting on this 32 years ago as a U.S reporter people made fun of him and laughed at him and said it didn't even exist and major publications like new york times and Time magazine said it didn't exist Well since then, the bilderberg group has been forced to go more public and admit that they covertly set up the European union that they do want a planetary government that they do want world government and so so much of their agenda is now promoted by the E.U and others Herman von rompuy is a bilderberg group attendee and of course the head of the E.U called for global government run by the very central banks that have caused the worldwide. rivet of crisis so yes, just two weeks ago addressed the council on foreign relations and said for the first time in world history, the entire globe is politically awakened. not to the puppet presidents and prime ministers,but to the real power or lead. and that their world government is basically in trouble. and the council on foreign relations, people in the crowd looked very upset. so this angloamerican dutch power structure thats hidden in the shadows can use the energy of the U.S and england to carry out this world government is in trouble because the american people and others are waking up to the fact that we've been used as the engine, of this covert empire I wan't to interrupt you real quick I think you make a good point, talking about how it really did used to be viewed as a conspiracy and a lot of people didn't see the validity. and talking about this as something that is real. but many of the predictions that the bilderberg group has made especially relating to the economy and the financial meltdown in Europe have been extremely accurate. Talk a little about that and how it's altered public perception. well sure, you get a hundred and fifty or so previously it was about 125 of the heads Altogether as really a mafia commision meeting and their deciding on any disputes and the agenda for the following year. because their already going in the basic direction they want to go but their's minor tweaks going on. So two years ago,i traveled to virginia and covered the bilderberg group and the intel we got from the inside was that Obama has been chosen and that Hillary was going to step down from the campaign. that was done two days later after we announced it. we were able to discover that the bilderberg group was planning to run gas prices up to a hundred and fifty dollars a barrel. People laughed at us. it then happened in the next year. the bilderberg group had deals to make the stage collapse. of the Berlin wall. Jim tucker reported on that a full year before it happened. Jim Tucker also reported from his bilderberg inside sources. That they were that bush was going to announce that he did believe in global warming. and wanted carbon taxes. and that became a verified document of truth later. when the Washington post was announcing that the attack on Iraq was going to be in 2002 American free press and others reported on the bilderberg sources. That the owners of the washington post Mr. Graham had attended and knew that it was going to be in March of 03. That was later confirmed. so yes, the bilderberg group is the highest level of world government. but they have their public propaganda that they put out at other forums and events. and more and more what the secret of bilderberg group is doing behind closed doors is more more being put out publicly because they've now been revealed their having to admit their world government agenda but their putting a spin on it that it's good and humanitarian and we cover this in my film. "The Obama Deception". but yes they're in a lot of trouble because the planet is waking up to their covert criminal operation Just very very briefly Alex the Secrecy and the privacy how important is that? Well it's very important that bilderberg keeps its inner working secret it's ok if stuff from decades ago comes out but they don't want the new information to come out because their agenda can then be thwarted Their main function now is getting European,British,and U.S politicians. That is one of their most important functions more and more their being made non obsolete it's just that the global pace has forced the bilderberg group to... Alex I'm going to have to cut you off i'm so sorry we are out of time.

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Secretive and elite - the Bilderberg group, which unites some of the world's most powerful people, has been meeting behind closed doors for decades. An investigative journalist Daniel Estulin has just revealed to the European Parliament all he claims to have discovered about the 'Bilderbergers'. Alex Jones says that people across the globe are finally awakening to how the Bilderberg group has manipulated the world's economies to benefit themselves.

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