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Come on. Come on, puppies. [MUSIC PLAYING] In the first 12 weeks of a puppy's life, you are endowed with an almost magical ability to shape his future. During this brief window, it takes only the lightest touch to make a permanent impression on your puppy. And you have the power to change the outcome of his life by what you choose to teach him in these first 12 weeks. [MUSIC PLAYING] I'm a professional dog trainer and author and I breed bull terriers. I'm lucky enough to travel around the world presenting seminars on dog training and behavior with a focus on dogs that are particularly difficult to train. I've done a fair amount of rescue, and I've spent hundreds of hours mentoring my new puppy owners. And over the years, I've come to realize something. Much of what people consider problematic in their adult dogs, from aggression right down to lack of focus in a performance dog, often comes down to a failure or omission in the first 12 weeks of a dog's life. This film is dedicated to bringing to light the huge opportunity we have as breeders and puppy owners to improve outcomes for dogs and their people by doing just the right thing at just the right time in the critical first 12 weeks of the puppy's life. If you have an older puppy, don't despair. Much of the exercises we show in this film can and should be done with an older puppy or dog, and you'll still get very good results. The point of this film is not that you can't get good results with an older puppy or dog, but that it's going to take a lot more time and effort, and that the very best results, the absolute optimum for any puppy, is to start when the puppy's under 12 weeks old.

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