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Can you tell me your name? My name is Milca How old are you Milca? I am 36 years old How many children do you have? I have two Four? Four...four Can you tell me their names? Jackie, Carlos, Sofi and Chabel Tell me a little bit about Sofi and Chabel What are they like? They are... They are ver cheerful and at the same time distracted But very loving How old are Sofi and Chabel? 11 years old Okay, I'm going to ask you some questions alright? Can you share with us a little bit about your story? About the girls, how is it that they are in the Children's Home? Well...I don't .. I know that almost 10 years and 6 months ago they were taken to the Home, when they were 4 months old? Yes And what was the reason why they arrived there? Ehmm... It is something hard for me but... No Okay and how do you feel knowing that the girls are coming back? How have you felt these last weeks about your girls? Now that they have seen the house, their rooms? I've been feeling very happy and joyful knowing that they are going to be home. They were saying: "Oh! We have bedrooms now!" Yes, they are happy to have their own bedroom How did Carlos take it? The same he is also very happy How have you seen the girls, now that they are coming back to the house? They feel very happy that we can all be together as a family For example, when we started to build and they started to see something new every week What were their thoughts? They talked about how happy they were because they could see the progress every week So they were very excited Has this transition been encouraging or hopeful for them? I would say that yes... they are encouraged because they really want to be in the house So.. I don't know, I can tell that they are happy Because a year ago it was like.. "Maybe it is something that won't happen Yes So now that it is happening? Now they feel more confident knowing that this is happening They are not in doubt anymore? No.. not anymore They are very excited right? Yes they are very excited So tell me something... When you determined the rooms, they asked "are these our rooms?" How was it? Yes When they saw the rooms, the girls said "Ok, this one is ours" and Carlos said "Ok, this one is mine" Where they talking about how the room was going be distributed? Yes... they were saying "I'm going to put this here, and this here" and imagining how the room is going to look like. What change do you see for your children's future now? I think their future is going to change a lot because Now we are together, united and is something new to them but nice at the same time Is this going to help restore your relationship with your children and husband? Yes i think it will, our relationship as a family will be restored, children and mother relationship More like mother - daughter And I don't know what else to say How have you seen God be present in this situation? I have seen Him in everything that is happening, because we have this house, the girls and me being together And I know He has been here because all of this is a blessing Is it a gift? It is a gift from God Have you seen His hand in all of this? Yes Have you seen how people has been moved because of God? Yes I have how God has moved people to do all of this Do you think this is going to make an impact on your family favorably in their environment? For example you and your other relatives like your mother? No... I dont think it will affect us, on the contrary, it will join us together Tell me something, for example with relationship with Carlos with Sofi and Chabe Now do you think is going to get stronger? Yes I think their relationship will grow, although they say it's not But I'm saying yes it will Because I can see it, when they come every week I see how they play and running around, and when they leave, well he feels lonely For example, now how can you spend time with them? Now we will have more time together, because they're going to be with me All day and all night, every hour Have you guys talked a little bit about how your life is going to be? Yes we have talked about how is going to be.. uhm I didn't understand Have you talked with your children about how your life is going to be Now that you are here? Can we talk a little bit about when you visited the girls, you were talking to me about you going to help the mothers sell items? Yes, they were times when I helped the mothers because they need support And sometimes they were alone, so I really felt like it was my duty to help them And I am very grateful because I learned a lot of things with them What did you learn? To cook, because I could see how they cooked and also referring to God Because they are the ones who told me that I had to have God present in my life And also to become more human and humble, with myself and with everyone around me What did your girls learn? I think they learned a lot because They know about values, about God and mostly about God Because they teach them about going to church I dont know, Bible school Thinks like that For example, now they are in a stage, changing from childhood to adolescence How have you seen this changes? How are you sharing this with them? Now that they are growing I have seen these changes in them Because, well their mood changes more often Sometimes they're happy Sometimes they are upset I don't know what else to say Now that they are here, you will be able to share more experiences with them Yes What would you like to share with them now that they are teens? Well With your experience now, what would you encourage them to do? What would be your advice to them? Now that they are becoming teens, I would advice them To stay in school To stay close to God Well. me, that I grow in God With them, because they go to church already And Also, I would warn them about Dangers that are out there That there is a lot of danger I don't know what else to say Now that are changing schools So How do you think they wil take it? What have they told you? Are they excited? Now with this change of school Yes they are motivated because Now This school is close to the house And Because their cousin is going to study there as well And they want to spend time with their cousin So this would be their first year in middle school? No In what grade they are? They are starting 6th grade So this will be their last year of primary school? How have they taken this change in grades? I didn't understand the question Now that they are almost finishing with primary school It doesn't stop there, Has that been good for them? This change of school I would say that is going to be good And At the same time, it may be a little sad for them because They are leaving their friends But I talked with them and told them that they are meeting new friends And They will start to engage It's not going to be fast but little by little But are they more excited about the change than changing schools? Yes, they are excited And that motivates them ti not be so sad to leave their friends? Yes exactly Tell me a little bit abot how you met Back2Back I met Back2Back in the Home Where my girls are And they showed up there and started to engage with the kids The groups came and when we were visiting our daughters So we went with the group too Who did you meet? Andrew, Anita Mateo And Erick the handsome And I don't remember, there is a lot What did you like the most? What I liked the most was The first time they came I remember they played a game About... what was the name? The wolf? The mice and the... he is looking for a wife Something like that We made a circle, someone was in the middle and everybody else started singing And the person had to catch someone How long ago was that? About... I don't know if 5 or 6 or 7 years... i don't know Something like that, i don't remember ver well How old would your daughters be when that happened? My girls would be like 6 years old Or 5 years, around that age Has knowing your daughters changed your life? Yes... Yes a lot How did your girls change when they started to engage with Back2Back? When they met Back2Back their change was good Because they liked when they visited them in the Home And they spend time with them or When they have those types of games The girls remember the game and they play it here in the house What values did they learn with Back2Back? I think they have learned with Back2Back to engage, they have learned with The psychological help they have received to With their character, because before they were very temperamental But I think now with the psychological help from Back2Back that they have been receiving It has helped them a lot Now that we are working in your house, what do you feel with this transformation in your house? I feel very happy and joyful and thankful with God and Back2Back Because you made this come true Because I never imagined all of this What does your family say about this? My family is very happy mostly my mom, she is very happy What does your husband think? He is also very happy because he didn't imagine all of this either He is very happy What does he think now that the girls are coming to live with both of you? My husband is happy and... I'm seeing he is happy Because he knows the girls are coming They're going to be here Although there are differences with their dad but Even though they say "Oh my dad" When they see him every Saturday they're like "Daddy daddy!" So I think he is happy because He has asked me "When are the girls going to be here?" What have you been doing in your house? For example move debris, cleaning How have you worked as a family? They little that we have helped with... Because I can't say we have done a lot It has been... Sometimes, when they tell us that something needs to be moved Or something needs to be picked up, we do it Or when I was told that the wood needed to be taken out My husband did it and the worker came to... Well not all of the wood, some Because sometimes he comes home late from work, but He is always asking about what needs to be done And that's what he can do because sometimes he comes home very late And Carlitos, I have seen he has been helping a lot How has this been an impact in his life? Carlitos has loved this, because he says he is learning He learned to tamper And I think he liked it Has he done it before? No, never But he loved it And when you left after pouring the floor A dog came in and left his paw prints all over the place And he fixed all of that And now he is school, and he is going to start middle school and his sisters are coming, How has all of this made an impact on him? He is very excited about going to middle school and also being with his sisters because, we know sometime siblings don'tget along very well But I think he is happy Happy about the girls going to the school he went before And him going to middle school, he is very excited And him having a bedroom of his own? Yes also because of that he is very excited i didn't take a picture because my phone didn't have battery But the day the closet was built he came back from school and saw it, he was very excited Did he set everything up in the closet? Yes, Carlos set everything up on his own How long have you lived here in Cancun? I have been living in Cancun... for about 23 years I was 11 years old when we arrived here I was about to be 12 years old How old were you when you got pregnant with your first child? I was 17 years old And how old were you when you were pregnant with Carlitos? I was 24 years old And with the twins? With Chabe and Sofi I was 25 years old How old were the babies when they went to the Children's Home? When they arrived to the Home, they were 4 months old What hopes or dreams do you have for their future? Not only for right now, When you think about their future, what would you want for them? My dream is that they study, prepare themselves and be good people to society and they accomplish their goals What do you want the girls to accomplish? I don't know For example, something that you want to be in the future... that maybe you didn't do I wish they would study a lot, and prepare themselves To have a career mostly What do they want to be when they grow up? They want to do a lot of things One wants to be a ballet dancer The other wants to lear to skate and Carlos he says he wants to be an astronaut And right now I don't know, he like soccer a lot, I think he loves it And Sofia, She also likes to skate and ride bycicles and also ballet They both have loved it since they were little Not long ago they told me "Mom when we are in our house can you take us to ballet classes?" God is present in your life, in your family And your heart's cry out was heard The other day I was telling you that he listens to us So, I know those are tears of gratefullness to God And I am very sure that he has greater plans than you think for you And your daughters and your son, God has great things for them, His plans are unimaginable We are grateful with you, with your love and patience For letting us in your house And seeing you like this, in this moment, I see the gratitude in your heart So, this is not over yet, it is barely starting And we are going to be here, but I want you to know that God has been in your life always Since the moment your girls arrived to the Home, since the first day I knew God had an answer for your life So it is wonderful to ve witness in this beautiful experience Where your girls are back home with you That's why we want to tell this story Because there is people who is going through the same things you went through We want your words to be words of hope for other people So they can believe that in God everything is possible There might be things that for us look impossible But in God everything is possible So they believe that there is hope, God likes family, God wants you to be together, never separation That's why maybe right now, we are giving a lot of importance to this moment Because we know there are a lot of people that are going through the same thing you are And we want them to know from an alive voice that it can happen And you are one of those women who had consistent faith, for almost 11 years And you didn't doubt, you kept going and prayed and prayed You told me, "every moment I prayed..." "...and I asked God that my girls could come back". Okay, now it is not a dream, it is a reality Thank you for letting us in your house, thank you for opening your heart Thank you for letting us be here and listening to this questions And sharing your story with us, we know it's hard and we appreciate it Thank you for everything and thanks God he put you in my path We are very happy, I think for me... we were talking about this earlier And we were very motivated because For everyone there has been very difficult logistics but... We are very happy I am vert happy because this is something that God has in His heart And you are in His heart And that is something beautiful So don't worry Everything is going to be great From now on, wonderful things are coming And we are going to be there, where we can, encouraging you To continue Hello! Welcome Here is the bathroom This is my room And This is Chabe's and Sofi's bedroom This is Chabe's and Sof's bedroom The two of them are going to be here This is Carlitos bedroom And here is the kitchen Here we have the backyard And there we have my plants My beautiful plants And here it used to be my kitchen, where I used to cook Thank you very much for everything My name is Darlen, I work for Back2Back And I am Milca's family social worker I have known them for about 3 years But specifically I have been working with her for 6 months Hello, I am Darlen I am Milca's case worker I have known her for about 3 years And I have worked with her family for the last 6 months We started planning the reunification process about 6 months ago We started to have that illusion with this family to be able to accomplish the family reunification Thinking about what thei mom has desired for the past year To have her girls home So we started working with this dream of her and asking what were the reasons or difficulties why she couldn't have them home with her And from then start to plan this family's dream The girls arrived to the Children's Home when they were 4 months old For their families situation, their parents have fought and She left them with her husband and for him it was easy to leave them in the Home So when she realized that, the girls were at the Home already Sadly she didn't have the money or resources to have the girls back Because at that same time she had a 6 year old girl and her 1 year old son And the twins who were 4 months old Yes, they have a fight because he has a lover So she says, we are separating but you are paying child support for the 4 kids He says no, you have to do that And she says "Okay let's do this. I keep the older ones and you with the babies" For me, it has been a wonderful experience Because discovering that a family has the desire and sometimes their circumstances are greater than them But we can reach that dream, with God, we can make it a reality For me it is now a reality, a dream come true, an experience To be a part of this project And that they can trust in God So, for me that has been wonderful How many other family reunification have you been involved with? Before this one, 2 more And they have been experiences that have helped me to have a baseline of what to do and what not to do Also it has helped me to have that patience and to be able to understand Where is the limit for us as Back2Back and as a person And were is the limit for the family also To encourage them, to motivate them My main role with the family is to encourage them, motivate them and council them, because i know the time is going to come where It can get frustating and after being apart for so long So mainly is to motivate and encourage them to continue to follow that dream So they can remember the dream that took them were they are now And to know that is hopeful, and it's a gift from God to have their family again It is important that they value this family reunification As that dream, so thay can go foward To give them the tools they need Sometimes the people who are on the outside of the family context We see other things, so sometimes They can be overwhelmed and we can provide those tools According also to how the parents cooperate Their desire to work in their family Describe a las gemelas cuando las conociste por primera vez First I had to identify them, so I had to look for a difference in them For me it is difficult... I feel that everyone needs their own identity So I didn't want to get confused between Sofi and Chabe They are very alike, the hair... everything When you spend time with them, you can easily identify who is who so the main thing I realized is 2 beauty spots So I started with that, but... One of them is very artistic The other one is more serious she knows what she wants The other is cheeful And the other one is explosive So that is how I identify them And they were a little bit temperamental, I think they were mad maybe But since we started working with them, their attitude has changed They have been very motivated, I know pyschologically there has been a lot of work That has been very important I know that God is changing their hearts And also they are hopeful To come back with their family The second part of the question was What significant changes have you seen in the girls... ... when they knew for sure they were going back home? I've noticed a big change in them because it was a long wait for them To be almost 11 years in a place and maybe many times they said "someday I'll go back to my home" So when I told them, their expression was like "is it true?... "...that we really are going back this time?" And they returned to their house and saw the same environment When they saw more Back2Back staff members going to their house They started thinking "Maybe something is happening in my house" From then we started to work with them consecutively So every weekend that they came back they saw change in their home So that was helping them to strengthen their emotions, their confidence To have a vision, to have a dream, to build a future That they never imagined it could happen to them So when I arrived and asked them "How are you?" "We are happy!" "We are so happy that this is happening!" So, the last few days, when the construction team made a lot of progress Their face changed so much They just said "I can't believe it! We have our own bedroom!" And when I asked them "Which one is goin to be your room?" And they were choosing their rooms, you could see that they were happy Very motivated Their faces changed completely They were now hopeful and started to believe in their parents That now finally is the moment to go back home How does she think finally being with thei family is going to help them flourish and develop? I know that the love the have for each other as a family is going to help them to keep that unity I know they are going to learn values, family core values, To have a dad, a mom and brothers Is something new for them, although they know that to spend more time with them is going to be a new experience And they're going to lear things that might hurt a little bit But also I know they're going to enjoy as a family That is also going to help them to be a solid family and to be full of hope Back2Back has been a key part to prepare the house to be ready and safe for the girls... So as Back2Back works we want to know how did the family colaborated, the brothers, the girls so the question is, In what ways you have seen the parents, brother and even the girls to prepare? The family started to participate since we exposed to them what we wanted to do We said "Look, we would like to make this dream come true" So we started to think how Back2Back and what was the family's part in this support collaboration for them and for them to their children The truth is that it was a wonderful experience because The mom inmediately said "Yes, whaterver I have to do to have my girls back" It filled me with happiness because there is not one moment where the mom hasn't participated She expresed that she hasn't participated a lot, but in reality she has worked a lot to accomplish this, including Carlitos He has done a lot of things to accomplish this This is a family that has worked 100% She has made sure that the house is always clean, to keep debris and trash away, to move trees But also to work with her children In the matter of telling them that they are going to be here soon That they ow will be able to play board games, go to the market together I'm going to take you to school everyday Significative things that have helped the family to become more united From the story we realized Milca and the girls are really hurt by this situation How have you seen the Lord healing in this reunification process ? I have seen His healing mainly in the matter of trust and the veracity of the parent's words So to have this security and to build those bonds of trust The mother- daughter relationship has been really good Something that maybe they did have but It was something uncertain Nevertheless they can now turn the page on the past days that have been hard And that has been so good to them, I know God is a God of restoration He is going to restore all of those realtionships that before had anger, frustration And that has created all these good moments, so a successful restoration can happen My main expectations for this family is that their love grows And mostly the mom stays true to all of what she is saying right now However I have the dream that these kids who are very close to adolescence This is a complicated phase, however I think this stage in their lives is going to be very good to the mom Because she can go through this with them And something that I taught her Is the part that God is in her heart To put God in this family I was telling her that in everything that we do Maybe we will work in the education part or social And in the five areas that Back2Back is focused What is very important is the spiritual area I always tell her, if you put God in your heart And if you teach your daughters that God has to be in their hearts Things are going to get better So my expectations about them are That they will have a succesful live Because they will have God in their hearts And there is going to be ups and downs And difficulties Maybe there is going to be moments of happines and difficult moments But when you have God in your heart, you have that trust and hope that even though they go through these difficult times They will be able to go foward And that is my hope in this family That God is going to be with them in the hard times and also in moments of happiness

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