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(The Return) Ever since humanity acquired the knowledge of 'good' and 'evil', everything born into this dualistic world has been required to adapt itself to the illusory laws dividing time and space; laws of isolation and opposition, perpetuating the ongoing cycle of birth, death and suffering. These laws, which are expressions of duality, or anti-christ consciousness, present the greatest obstacle to humanity's quest for liberation. Although such spiritual seeking is met with little success in today's world, because of the extreme difficulty in reaching Integration in a vibrational field that is as psychically polluted as that of the Earth, during the revolving course of the cosmic cycles, there arise periods when great redeeming energies return to the Earth allowing the process of Integration to proceed more easily and rapidly. All around the world, there exist ancient cultures and wisdom keepers whose texts and teachings reveal knowledge of such periods having happened in the past; while some even hold prophecies telling of the impending return of these forces of salvation. However, here again, it is essential to understand that this Returning Redeemer is not a physical personality of majestic stature residing somewhere outside the dense material world, but is essentially an impersonal, Divine Unifying Consciousness, manifesting itself as Light, Love, and Wisdom in a field of cosmic rays emanating from the center of our galaxy. Thus, the Return actually refers to the Earth's cyclic reentry into this higher vibrational field, at which point we are anointed by its Divine Light and influence. And it is because of this Divine "anointing" that the Return is widely referred to as the Return of Christ, which stemming from the Greek word 'Kristos' means 'the anointed one.' Thus we may see that Christ Consciousness is not exclusively available to Jesus, but is available to every human being who experiences the infinite, changeless reality that lies at the core of each one of us. That said, those who out of fear cling to the idea of Jesus 'the Man' as a means for personal salvation, will thereby bind themselves to the old dualistic world by the quality of their own thought and desire; while those who look within to the unifying perspective of Christ Consciousness find the path that leads to Deliverance. Of the many ancient cultures and wisdom keepers that speak of the returning Light of Transformation one that is becoming increasingly vocal and present in the world today is that of the Mayans. For years popular media has wrongfully insinuated that the Mayan December 21st, 2012 date predicts the end of the world. This assertion has been based on the fact that on that day we will see the convergent completion of nine of the Mayans twenty four calendars, including what the grandfathers call "a return to the beginning" of the five thousand two hundred year, Long Count Calendar, and the completion of a great twenty six thousand year cycle. To say that these completions mean the end of the world would be as erroneous as proclaiming doom every New Years eve. For these are huge wheels of time that turn, and like our current calendar, when its twelve-month cycle is completed, it simply begins again. That said, the completion of the Long Count Calendar is a unique event, and one, which will bring with it, not the end of the world, but the birth of a new reality. And it is through the proper understanding of the cosmic events that accompany the completion of these great cycles, that one may learn how we will be given the opportunity to transcend this world of duality, and be reborn into a new experience of Unity Consciousness and reintegration with the Divine. The Long Count Calendar is based on a twenty-six thousand year cycle known as the Precession of the Equinox. This cycle measures the time that it takes for our Earth, which spins at an angle like a top, to complete one full rotation of its wobble. And it is this wobble that causes our view of the constellations to shift by one degree every seventy-two years creating what are known as the astrological ages. Thus as a result of this gradual changing of our night sky, the event that we will witness at the end of the Long Count Calendar on December 21st, 2012 is that when the sun rises on the eastern horizon it will appear to have moved into the center of our galactic plane. Though approximations of this alignment have been occurring once a year since 1980 with an exact alignment in 1998, 2012 will mark the first time in twenty-six thousand years that the sun will appear to touch what is known as 'the Dark Rift' that snakes its way along the Galactic Equator. The Dark Rift is a series of over-lapping non-luminous, molecular dust clouds that appear as a dark lane that divides the bright band of the Milky Way lengthwise. According to Mayan Cosmology this Great Rift, with which the sun will align on December 21st, 2012 and take some 20 years to travel through, is a unique area of our night sky, which the Mayans believe is responsible for bringing spiritual rebirth. As a result of this extraordinary alignment the Sun and the Plane of the Ecliptic would then appear for the first time in twenty-six thousand years to cross between the Dark Rift and an area of the Galactic Plane known as the Mayan Sacred Tree. This 'Cosmic Cross' traced in the sky, is considered to embody the sacred 'Tree of Life' and is known to all of the world's spiritual traditions. This synchronistic return of the Tree of Life at the time that the sun aligns with the Dark Rift, marks "the return to the beginning" of the Long Count Calendar... and the birth of a new humanity. For the Mayans believe that sometime around December 21st, 2012 our Sun, which acts like a lens translating rays from the cosmos and then radiating them on to the planets in our system, will align with a sacred portal hidden in the darkness of the Great Rift. At the time of alignment, our sun will radiate the ultra high frequency rays from the Rift, onto the Earth so marking the prophesied Return of the Anointing Light, and the long awaited Day of Deliverance. (Deliverance) As 'The Quickening' intensifies during the approach of the imminent Day of Return, the global situation will become increasingly intense as the forces of darkness lash out in their final attempt to preserve the world of duality. This is a typical occurrence at the close of each world cycle, and one that necessarily precedes the Return of the Anointing Light to the Earth. The purpose of such 'timely intensity' is to provide humanity the necessary challenges and trials that will allow us to purify ourselves, by reflecting on the choices that we've made throughout our lives and during these times of great change. For in this period of purification, the mirror of Truth will be held up for all to see, at last, what we have become, and which master we have truly served. And when humanity is left with no other choice but to face the Truth and ourselves in utter honesty to look to see and to weep in genuine repentance; then can Love open our hearts and reveal to us the way of true devotion and holiness. It is thus, through humble surrender, that each person is given the opportunity to hasten their own spiritual growth, and simultaneously transition into a bright new era. During the time of increasing intensity before The Return, people will seek deliverance from the troubles of the world, and will hear two voices calling them to salvation. Though the voices may sound similar and use the same words of Unity Truth and Service; one will offer a form of "salvation" that addresses the immediate SYMPTOMS of humanity's suffering, and promises to preserve a degree of comfort and security within a familiar system; where people are divided by the old-world perspectives of 'good' and 'evil', 'rich' and 'poor', 'strong' and 'weak'. This voice will speak to people's fears, and to their desires to protect and preserve the self. And the other voice, which will probably be much quieter and coming from within, will offer humanity salvation from the SOURCE of its suffering. This it will do by gently beckoning all those who are willing, to surrender their concepts of self and the world. We will be asked to relinquish our beliefs of what is right and wrong, possible or not, and thereby free ourselves of all "knowing", along with all desires and ambitions, so that we may become empty cups fit to receive the grace and light of Truth. And this voice, rather than speaking to our fears, will speak to our courage; inviting all those with the love and wisdom to see where the familiar path of fear and self-service leads, to take a courageous step down the untrodden path of self-surrender into an unknown reality, where everything, through its process of purification and the Divine Light, have come to a perpetual awareness of its Oneness with ALL. And thus, within this new reality, with its adjusted laws and perspectives the quest for Truth will continue. So how might The Return affect our reality and allow for humanity's Deliverance? Again, as unenlightened beings it is impossible for us to know exactly how, what or when things will unfold in the coming months and years prior to The Return. However, with humble thanks to the dedicated work of other seekers and sages we can offer an educated example of what sort of events COULD occur, leading to a Deliverance event for humanity. As mentioned previously, "it is always darkest before the dawn"; and thus, we can see and expect, increasingly intense events on Earth as our planet moves from the outer regions of the Higher-Vibrational Christed Field, into the full light of its inner core. As our planet continues its journey, the higher vibrations pour into the subtle energy fields of our planet causing the course, blocked, vibrations of old ingrained delusions and selfishness, to be exposed and cleansed. Thus all anxieties, fears and obsessions with self that obscure the light of spirit, are necessarily surfacing in our lives and personalities today; and as we move towards the full light and higher vibrations of the inner Christed Field, the effects of surfacing darkness, will be experienced by greater numbers in increasing intensity, thus raising psychic tensions across the face of the planet. Though to humanity this may seem like a very 'bad' time, indeed, the forces of darkness sensing the end of their rule, will then implement their final desperate attempts to reinforce humanity's concern for self, and thus its bondage to the world of duality. And these will be very trying times; during which much intelligent research which we will post on our webpage shows the possibility of global financial collapse, a false viral pandemic, and the declaration of martial law. There is also strong evidence that we will see the start of World War 3; which seems will be sold to the world as a Holy War. Gas prices will rise, and food and medicine will become extremely scarce. And thus, with our dreams, ambitions and our very lives under the potential threat of extinction, we will be coerced into making a choice, such as: Would you agree to receive a microchip implant that will allow your movements and I.D. to be tracked; in exchange for food, money, medicine and the right to continue working for our current system of governance and authority? Or would you rise up to oppose "the system" that you believe to be responsible for the state of the world? OR, will you humbly acknowledge the part that we have ALL played in making this world what it is, and seek another way? Though to anyone who has not done the research the possibilities presented herein might seem like a sensationalist Hollywood film, there are indications that the storyline will get even more unusual. Some research even indicates that the drama that is being played out on Earth will be brought to its dualistic extreme, when amidst all the war, death, pestilence and famine, the forces of darkness stage a false second-coming of a Christ Figure. This event, referred to in the Bible as "The False Rapture", will display "signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect." It is thought by some that this 'Second Coming', might resemble the Bible's version of the Fall of Babylon as portrayed in the Book of Revelation; while others believe that it could be staged to look like the arrival of a 'benevolent' alien race, who forming links with our world governments, popular spiritual leaders and movie stars, would perform miracles and tender promises to ease the pains of humanity by whisking 'the elect' or 'chosen ones' away to safety. Thus "saving" them from the dark 'evil' of the world. All those who have chosen in fear to leave the Earth, and avoid facing the darkness and reconciling the duality within themselves, will have missed the opportunity for Deliverance that will come at the moment of the True and Blessed Return. Again, it is impossible for us to know what the moment of Return will look like, but respecting the power of story and imagination as the means by which we may navigate the unknown, we offer the following with the intention of inspiring people to empty their cups of what they 'believe' is true, in order to allow for the inpouring of new Revelations. That said, it is widely accepted in both the realms of science and spirituality that the human body comprised mostly of water is a conductor of sound, light and information all of which travel through our bodies as vibrations. Aware of this, we may now imagine that as the higher vibrations of the Christ Consciousness move through us, it will cause our bodies to resonate with their frequency. Thus, as our vibrations rise and match the never-before-experienced frequency levels of the Cosmic Rays, we will be able to perceive higher levels of the electromagnetic spectrum, at which point we will be able to perceive all of the sounds, images, and entities that exist within our newly achieved range of frequency. Vibrating at this level, the spirits of the dead may be seen and heard, rising to meet the coming dawn as humanity expands its senses and consciousness to perceive the forgotten fifth element of Ether; that which connects us all. Here too, we may perceive the parallel realms of the astral planes, and share encounters with mythical beings, all of whom will attend us, and the rest of humanity, as our increasing frequency brings us all closer to a collective experience of Oneness. As we reach the peak of frequency, the voices of others that we have begun to hear in our heads, will rise in numbers, and climax at the point when we hear all the thoughts of creation, and experience all actions, as if they were our own. So too, may it seem like all the events of these lives are happening at once, and that all places, are this place. As one may imagine, this expanded perspective of Oneness could be quite an intense experience; and for those who choose to hold on to their 'knowledge' of what 'is' and 'is not' possible, such events will threaten to shatter their psyches; as every sense is simultaneously overloaded. Thoughts of 'good' or 'evil', will give rise to those of their dualistic opposites and attract like energies that further threaten the Traveler's ability to stay safe and sane. And here we will have a choice; to either clutch to the banks of that raging river, and be dashed against the rocks, or to simply 'let go' and surrender to the roar and the flow. Some will try to hide from this experience. Some will try to escape it. Some will welcome it. Some will recognize it. And some will have known all their lives that the 'end' would be like this. Exactly like this. As the Truth of Oneness - followed by Divine Love - returns to our ailing planet, those who love the Truth and who are therefore consecrated to serving the Truth without compromise or self-concern, will greatly rejoice at the shattering of the illusion of separation. And when at long last humanity has awakened to its Oneness with the Earth and ALL living things, we will raise our voices as One and join the eternal song of the Universe. Have Faith, for we are... Awakening As One. (This Year.) (Our Faith) (will demonstrate our love...) (to the world.) (How else can you demonstrate yours?) (1. Seek the Truth) (Of yourself) (and the world.) (2. Spread the Truths of our Times.) (Go to) ( (and forward the link for) ("Revelations") (to Everyone you know.) (To spread the word) (in multiple languages...) (Spanish) (Italian) (German) (Danish) (Swedish) (Portuguese) (Hebrew) (Romanian) (French) (and others) (Go to) ( (3. Unite with others.) (Community Connector) (Become a member of the AAO Community Connector,) (an online social network created to facilitate) (the increasing connectivity and collaboration) (amongst all of the people in our expanding) (global network.) (it's facebook for the faithful) (faithbook) (Go to...) ( (to instantly connect with others) (and share your comments on...) ("Revelations") (We look forward to meeting) (and sharing...) (with you) (and the world.) (You ask, "When will the kingdom come?") (It will not come by waiting for it.) (It will not be a matter of saying 'here it is') (or 'there it is.') (For, heaven is not a place...) (it is a state of mind.) (- the bodhisattva Issa)

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Posted by: awakeningasone on Mar 7, 2011

We have said before that “the time has come”, and that “the revolution has begun”. And now, with the passage of time and the willingness to learn we stand in the light of our expanded awareness to see that the Earth does not require a Revolution on the part of humanity, but, rather, she is lovingly urging our Evolution; an evolution that awaits all those who are willing to humble themselves and ‘let go’ of what they know. For, it is only in ‘letting go’ that one may become ‘open like a child’ and receive the grace of world-altering Revelations.

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