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Led Zeppelin, storia della band: nascita e primi concerti

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The first time Jimmy Page on guitar, John Bonham on drums, John Paul Johns on bass and Robert Plant as singer went up on stage, the name of the band wasn't Led Zeppelin. Performing for the first time in the autumn of 1968 with the name New Yardbirds: this was because Jimmy Page had taken the responsibility of complying with this contract with manager Richard Cole and precisely to be able to do these concerts he put together a band that had never played together before. The arrival of this band brought with it various comments from parts of the English music scene: in particular Keith Moon, the drummer of the Who who let go one evening to comment a little acidly, based on an English pun: "they fly over like a lead balloon... more, like a lead zeppelin" "they fly over like a lead balloon... more, like a lead zeppelin" Instead it happened that, during these concerts, in Sweden, something magical happened. The four guys were a great success and when they got back they decided to go directly in the studio to try to set that spell and to try to set it using a new way of recording too. Jimmy Page decided to put the microphones far from the amplifiers that usually captured the sound, to reproduce the live effect. The result was an album and, in the moment when needed, named the album and the band, that bad joke comes to mind of Jimmy Page, and the group we call Led Zeppelin now though, Led in English we write "lead", but it runs the risk of being read as "lid" ("lead"), it means "guide" therefore it was decided to write Led Zeppelin removing the "a", and this was forever the name of a band destined to become the greatest rock band of the 70's. The sound, the music that came from the first album by Led Zeppelin was destined to change the history of rock or rather, to say it better, to create a new genre: what we in Europe call hard rock, what in the United States was better named as heavy metal. Playing together, the four guys transformed the blues pulling out the most genuine part with the most... if you want, body as well expanding it through the typical patterns of the psychedelia of that period and adding the speed, the violence and the impact, so to speak, of rock'n'roll performed at levels absolutely unexpected and never offered until that moment In fact, it's especially when live that Led Zeppelin has a devastating impact. The guitars, or rather, to say it better, the guitar of Jimmy Page flies with lashes of electricity extremely imaginative, incredible and fast; John Paul Johns, on bass, plays rhythms and riffs which capture immediately; John Bonham offers offers a completely new view of the drummer, violent but at the same time of the greatest technical ability; Robert Plant completes with singing in a hysterical falsetto that represents in some way the appearance how can I say... of transformation, truer of the youth of that time, post-sessantottina (1968) (we are now at the time when the era of the hippie ideology was fading). The youth of that time found themselves against a very hard reality, and the music of Led Zeppelin describes a possible way of escape, something new, something extremely adrenaline-filled, adrenaline-filled and testosterone-filled... we'll see later But we'll do at this point, say, a first listen to truly understand what kind of transformation Zeppelin had introduced in the blues and in the rhythm'n'blues of that period. We'll listen to "How many more times", taken from the first album, to understand what kind of innovation there is. If we listen to the beginning of this piece, we realize that up until now we have been dealing with a rhythm and chord progression that's fairly standard: refer, if you want, to Booker T., to ...... we already have the electric lashings of the guitar of Jimmy Page, here are the ringing cymbals of John Bonham, and finally here we are, is the moment here it is, what we are hearing is the first, how can I say... killer riffs that in the course of their career Led Zeppelin would effectively turn out, something that immediately hooks and draws the listeners. Live, as I said, Zeppelin would then expand all these tracks in a manner so strong, so evident, knowingly introducing a series of variations, to become an instant phenomenon. Actually leaving almost immediately (the album is from the beginning of 1969) for a tour in the United States. The United States was always Zeppelin's favorite location, because it gave to them all the success that was harder to collect, in part in Great Britain, and obviously starting, as always happens with the new bands, as a supporter. Well, their opening show was so formidable, so enthralling, that even the stars refuse to perform after them. Iron Butterfly, who were at that time number one on the world rankings with "In A Gadda Da Vida", after a concert January 31 1969 in New York, after the opening made by Zeppelin, they realized that they couldn't give anything more to an audience that was, how can I say... completely overthrown, transported, excited and taken to the maximum by the music that Zeppelin was offering. Zeppelin would spend from that moment a year and a half constantly on tour, and during that tour they would pull out, create new albums too, rather, to say it better, new songs that would be incorporated in a new album, that are now a fundamental part of rock history. One of them is one that probably all rock fans can't forget. From the second album by Led Zeppelin we'll listen to Whole Lotta Love. Here, in the hands of Led Zeppelin the good old blues that already, however, knew how to convey fairly evident sexual meanings, became something absolutely explicit. The blues, the rock that they played, was something that now was transformed into an expression that is very sensual. You can't describe the lyrics another way, if not, "way down inside you, I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you every inch of my love", "I'm gonna give you every inch of my love", and when love is measured in inches/centimeters maybe we are talking about something else. "I wanna be your back door man"... this you can translate yourself, but I would say that the meaning is clear. In the same album, "The Lemon Song" says clearly: "Squeeze me, until the juice runs down my legs". And I would say that in this case too the allusion is evident. That is, exactly, what gives Zeppelin's audience an incredible charge of adrenaline and testosterone that mounts the excitement in all those who attend those concerts that have become almost... I want to say... orgies, of the rituals that will be repeated forever. And Led Zeppelin have transformed music into something absolutely new.

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