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international student's life in santiago

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hello everyone,every nice to meet you all it's a pleasure to be here as exchange students, I'm Adela, from China, da jia hao! I'm Klara, from Czech Republic. I'm Zerya, from Turkey. Santiago de Compostela is a well known Spanish city as a religious centre during centuries more than a holy place for peregrines as an university city it also attracts hundreds of students from all over the world each year to come for further education or exchange studies just like us so we are so pleased to be part of them In our eyes, we compare this city to a colourful painting every one has been inspired and joining in this work with our own culture and diverse backgrounds with all people’s efforts we manage to finish this brilliant “masterpiece” so we want to make best use of this chance to show you how we are living in Santiago and some perspectives we hold in this culture shock environment in this excellent "masterpiece" hello,everyone! my name is Adela a Chinese girl now studying Spanish Language here in Santiago it's the first time for me being so long abroad and at the beginning, i was quite impressed by beautiful scenery here quiet city atmosphere, kind people and even the horrible rain more importantly,gradually I figure out Santiago brings me kind of feeling like home every time when I come back from travelling so let's get down to business about today's topic I choose red as a symbol of China color red is so important to us it refers to various things red corresponding with fire, symbolizes good fortune and happiness which is found everywhere during Chinese Spring Festival,other holidays and even sometimes family gatherings generally speaking, red is considered to bring good luck so during that festival, the elders will prepare red envelopes as a special gift and in this kind of envelope, we will put some money inside just as I do 10 euros and then give it to our little children or some other relatives or we will write red couplets to paste on two sides of main door in order to make best wishes for the next year Different from occident lifestyle, Chinese people live more quietly and more peacefully normally it's kind of busy routine from 9 am to 5 pm young students don't have customs to go out or go to some crazy parties until midnight neither do we come back home drunk very often well, there is an exception, that is, you break up with your boyfriend so it could happen sometimes but usually in eyes of some conservative people or the elders for instance, like our grandparents they hold a stereotype that good students don´t behave like that however, things go opposite here Spanish people are already accustomed to bar culture which is part of their lifestyle, part of their life no matter his age, no matter his gender or profession and I know for a college student, if he doesn´t go to party with friends it's hardly to believe but this is the way it is! Since we are here, at this enormous ground we need to adapt ourselves to being like a Galician and joining several types of nightlife activities as a result I go to bed later and later and suffer a lot from getting up the next day in addition, the alcohol I have drunk in Santiago is the total amount while I was at my home. unfortunately due to limited time I cannot mention you all of my feelings and funny experiences in this short video but I want to say if you come to China in the future it will always be a pleasure to receive and host you I assure you that you will feel the same feeling just like that happened to me that trip will make you feel so shocked with our culture hey welcome to Alameda park my favorite place in Santiago if you are asking yourself why I choose exactly this place just have a look at there I think that this view is really romantic and breath-taking and can give person inspiration or just break from daily responsibilities Erasmus life-learning program is well-known like a study program full of parties so somebody can think that I don´t need a break from daily responsibilities but that's not whole truth The longing for family and friends, bureaucratic complications the language barrier, Galician language and culture shock are some of the difficulties which have to most of Erasmus student pass including me Culture shock is one of the most funny part of this problem for example,My first experience with this phenomenon was 2 days after I arrived at Santiago I was accommodade in hostel and my first days were really hard so one morning I awaked really tired and stressed, probably it had to be remarked on my face some Spanish man saw me and came to me with words "hey girl! what happened to you? how can I help you? don't worry!" so for me it was so surprising because manifesting kindness and cheerfulness is not so usualy in Czech Republic whose characteristic of people is little bit colder so I was really surprised without possibilities to answer this man next difference is kissing at both of cheeks like for greeting or being on first-name terms with teachers in a university so in the end culture shock pleased me Erasmus student have got a lot of advantages also my friends and I we are travelling a lot and because of very close friendship we called us Erasmus family We have got possibilities to get to know new people, places, culture and education system, what is amazing! So thatnks to Erasmus, thanks to Santiago, that I can to be here, part of Erasmus! so thanks! I'm Zerya, from Turkey, as Erasmus student in Santiago I would like to be here because there are many differences between my country and Santiago as you can see, historical places like the church we don't have many historical places like that I mean the church, of course we have mosques but we don't have church and then another difference for me is walking long long way to reach here in addition, I really like to be here because every night I go out and see the musician and listening to them is also awesome for me also I never had Christmas before because in our country we don't celebrate Christmas but here people celebrate Christmas like crazy having lots of Christmas trees Santa Claus buying gifts to each other it's awesome, and I'm happy to see them thank you for everything! Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! =D

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