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Welcome to the Rav's weekly message This week the Rav discusses the tabernacles power and the consciousness it represents. The consciousness to protect us from the present dangers in our daily life. There was a second time says scripture when money were raised for the cost of the construction why was there necessity the second time why not the funds that were there from the first time. It says in the Zohar, something very strange but yet so powerfully truthful and that is the consciousness of the Israelites all our consciousness because it has not been as pure, had not been with the level of understanding as to what they were doing. with this money, the power that when one contributes the power that one must instill before this contribution can have the effect of creating the ultimate circle by which we in turn capture the energy by that which we contributed towards construction. It was that consciousness not feeling that this world is dominated as it appears to be on and by the physical dominion but rather by the thought the consciousness that goes into whatever has been created. and gradually, slowly unfortunately but surely the idea of the importance of connecting and instilling our consciousness into matters of material, matters of a physical concept entity is required, for if not that physical entity remains, devoid of consciousness and then is governed by the forces that govern this physical, material world. Simply stated, how did I do such a stupid thing like that where, and why did I do that stupid thing and because there are forces in this world how do I keep away from these forces how do I keep away from that corruption how do I keep away from this information, how do I keep away and divorce myself from well intended individuals who are there to share with me their consciousness, their thoughts on life and yet unknowingly could be leading me astray. Happens to us all the time and so to prevent corrupted ideas, misinformed ideas misrepresentation, you name it for entering into my life now I have the second reading concerning the tabernacle and the clothing of the high priest, so that this reading what comes through is pure, elevated state of consciousness from the contributors, who instilled within the physical material the boards, the rugs, the the clothing the utensils, everything, that serves the personal purpose and that is why we got to listen to something that is so outdated, something that doesn't even exist anymore but because this instrument is living instrument it is a channel by which life force of God can reach me, and I need an instrument that is totally uncorrupted that when the life force of God is being channeled for my protection against many of me, many of the dilemmas that are unfortunately has developing, engulfed this planet that we can look forward to at least the reading of Vayakhel Pekudei, so that we can go along in light, continue on this journey without the usual pains suffering and chaos that are unfortunately the falls of most of us. For more on protecting yourselves in dangerous times read the Rav's " The Power Of You"

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