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Agama Shastra - The Science of Temple Building. Sadhguru

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Indian temple is not a place of worship or prayer. Are you aware of this? it is not a place of worship or prayer today because you don't know what else to do you are going and doing things that everybody else is doing everywhere nobody ever leads prayer in the indian temple these were if you, there's a whole science of building a temple this is called as agama-shastra if the shape and size of the idol the mudras that the idol; hold the mantras that used to conscerate this the size and shape of the sanctum; sancotorium; the outer parikarama; all these things there are five basic ingredients if these five things have properly matched it will become a very powerful field of energy so the tradition tells you everyday in the morning before you go to work or anywhere else first thing you have a shower go sit in the temple for some time and then go out into the world it is like a public battery charging place once you go into the world 0:01:37.570,0:01:41.250 the nature of the world the physical material world is such once you go into the world every transaction in the world is like this my profit is your loss;your loss is my profit if you are not in a certain way there is a possibility of friction in every single transaction in your life isn't it so? Yes? Every word that you utter, every little thing that you exchange everywhere you can fight with somebody because in everything it is like this if you have somebody has to get something somebody has to lose something this is a nature of the material existence when it is so unless you are in a certain way within yourself unless you found something valuable within yourself at every point you will fight see people are driving on the streets their are on the edge smallest thing they willing to pounce upon each other isn't it so? you dont own the road just if you go into his lane or he comes into lane something happens I've seen people completely freaking out and do you see this because every transaction is a friction if you're not in a certain way within yourself so everyday you go there charge your batteries and go out so that you sail smoothly through the day and come back it is also said in the tradition once you are in the spiritual path you need not go to the temple Are you aware of this? once you're on this spiritual path you need not go to the temple because now you have self charging methods you are charging your own batteries you don't need to go to the public charging place so the indian temple was never a place of worship or prayer even now it is not so the people are slowly trying to make it like a church where they go and pray and ask for this and that otherwise in that tradition that told you you have to sit there for some time at least in south india its still alive I think in north is generally dead people who come from south India are aware they must sit in the temple for some time but now they just touching the bottom to the floor and going away you can you know there are live temple which are very very powerful if you they have given you something about dhyanalinga temple in this temple there are no rituals; the no worships; the no prayer; the no offerings; Its in total silence always you come and sit there somebody who does not know anything about meditation you come and sit there without a single instruction he will become meditative the very energy is like that if you're a little sensitive it's shake you from the root of your spine it is so powerful the impact that it has on you so big all the temples were built like that but for different purposes some for well-being some for physical well-being; mental well-being; material well-being; like this they built various types of temple there's a whole science behind it unfortunately not knowing how to maintaining it we have killed lots of temples you killed them and today you are building temples just like shopping complexes probably for the same purpose or its like a social place; temple has become more like a club it's okay in united stats you want to meet your own community in a certain atmosphere so created such a thing but the temple in its original form is a very powerful energy centre It is like a big induction for people to get inducted into a completely different dimension of life oh that should not go that should be there in the world it's very very important but the sciecne of it have been generally lost it is just being done ritualastically not knowing the intricacies of what it involves

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 18, 2010 Sadhguru explains that temples were not designed for prayer or worship rather they were built as powerful energy centers using a particular science known as agama shastra. (SaO76-P2)

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