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Roger Waters - Occupy

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Occupy A situation has been allowed to develop in this country where the great block of people in the middle who used to call themselves "the middle class"; their circumstances are being reduced to the point where suddenly some of them find themselves sleeping in their car log. And they go, "Well, hold on a minute! How could this be right?" Sitting in the middle of the United States of America, which has a rulling class which is the 1%, there are all the people in Wall Street, who are occupying Wall Street now we're talking about. This country is being run absolutely for the benefit of the richest 1% in the country. The idea that the people are paying the same taxes as the people who clean their cars is abolutely fucking insane. I pay taxes here. I'd be happy to pay more. I'm with Warren Buffet. And I think that is great that people are beginning to complain about it. I mean, I can't believe the people didn't start complaining after the mortgage swindle. They had these derivatives based on mortgage, debt, that they sold to their customers. "Here you go son, buy that, that's a lovely investment there." "Hey, Fred, go and have a bet that that would fail cause we know this is shit that we're selling to these people." Well, hold on a minute, why aren't people going to prison? "Well, yeah, we did really swindle people, you know. And we admit it, and we'll pay a fine." It may be that the people are beginning to tweak, are beginning to go, "No, there's something really wrong." I'm so happy to see that it's starting to appear on the streets. It's beginning to happen all over the country. Slowly in bits, they are beginning to realize that none of this is wrong. That's the end of this political speech.

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Posted by: cdf83 on Nov 7, 2011

Roger Waters - Occupy

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