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Add1Challenge - 30 Day Update - Korean

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(In Korean) “Hello” (In Korean) “My Name is Todd” Hey guys, this is my 30 day update for the Add1Challenge. I’ve been focusing on Korean as the language of learning here and over the last 30 days I’ve actually been not learning too much vocabulary to be very honest with you. My focus has actually been for the first month, learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet and understanding the basic sentence structure, very, very basic grammar. And that’s really been my focus for this time. With that said, what I said just at the beginning of this video is actually still pretty much all I can remember in Korean right now And I’m not sure if I’m gonna regret that yet or not, but I guess technically I’ve got another 60 days to focus on my speech, learning how to or what to say and get a lot of listening and speaking practice in there. I’m hoping I don’t regret that but I focused mainly on the alphabet here because there are quite a lot of differences from place to place geographically how roman spelling of Korean words can differentiate and confuse people. So I figured it was better to learn the alphabet and get it out of the way Even though it is quite a nice alphabet there, so that I can better focus on the words later down the track. So, with that said I’ve got what I feel is a pretty good foundation there. Now, over the 60 days I’m going to focus on my speech, getting a good vocabulary built up and actually having some proper conversations in Korean with people from iTalki and a few other friends that I know, but we’ll see where that takes me. So, I’m hoping that I have a bit more of..uh, I can speak a bit more Korean to you next time. One cool thing that I’m happy I’ve got is I ordered a keyboard from And that’s just a little silicon wrap you can put over your laptop which for me of course, has the Korean alphabet so I begin to type to people in Korean and practice that as well. I’ve also become familiar with Naver, which was described to me as the Korean Google. It’s very popular over there in terms of getting Korean news and articles and I’ll be using that for reading all of that sort of information. They also have a dictionary and I found a few apps on my phone. Some which relate to Korean comics and will find Korean media, TV shows and dramas and all that sort of stuff. So I’m gonna be focusing on that over the next 60 days as well. Hopefully that will get me up to speed in terms of being able to speak with other people and we’ll see where it takes me Thanks for tuning in and I’ll have another update for you soon Bye

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Posted by: toddytee on Jul 2, 2015

Add1Challenge - 30 Day Update - Korean

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