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The Order of Death

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The Order of Death Transcribed & Translated By Brian Kim The Order of Death 번역 : 김 세 원 The documentary covered by Channel 4 was actually documenting the paranoid people who believe in the New World Order. - Brian Kim - This is how George Bush dresses up, right here, we got him on tape! Sir, everything you, you, I, I, I, don't owe you this comment. I know, I appreciate it. You, you have, this is what's called ambush journalism, and I disrespect you for that as well. So, thank you, and goodbye. Are you in the ritual? That's none of your damn business. Oh? That's right. Directed By Alex Jones Our story begins in northern California over a hundred years ago when locals began to spread rumors of bizarre occult rituals being conducted in the ancient redwood groves of Sonoma County. As the decades passed it became clear: these incredible stories had a basis in truth and their source was a 2,700 acre private club known as the Bohemian Grove. Then in a time period between the mid-1970s and the early 1990s, scores of reporters attempted to infiltrate the Grove. All attempts were unsuccessful. Grove security identified them, threw them out for trespassing, or in some cases, had the local police arrest them. To many it seemed the Grove's secrets would never become public. All of that changed on July 15th, 2000, when we ripped aside the veil of secrecy and were successfully able to penetrate the Bohemian Grove on their high holy day and video tape the Cremation of Care ritual. Our infiltration is chronicled in my film Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove. A British documentary film company, World of Wonder, also covered our investigation. Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove In the weeks that followed, Alex streamed his footage on his website and released it as a self-through video. Everywhere I looked, the internet was aflame with news of the daring raid. As the news spread across the planet, that the Bohemian Grove had been blown wide open and that their secrets were public, the people were amazed. They were amazed to learn that many US presidents and British prime ministers, German chancellors, the Hollywood elite, the heads of business and academia, Federal Reserve chairmen were traveling to the Grove each year. And that presidents had been going there since the turn of the last century in 1900. They were shocked by each new revelation of ritualistic depravity. This film is about what we've learned in the five years since we've infiltrated the Grove. And it's about the response that we've gotten from Grove members, the press, and even local activists in the area who've been protesting the Grove for over 25 years. Finally, we learned the Grove was only one chapter in a larger, worldwide secret society hell-bent on bringing in a one-world government. What would the people do if they knew that the majority of the leaders in the corporate world, as well as government, were deep occultists? Before the year 2000, and our successful penetration of the Grove, the mainstream media denied that rituals were indeed taking place there and said that elite from all over the world were simply meeting in secret to have a good time. After the footage we had shot of the Cremation of Care ritual aired first in England and then in the United States on national TV, the mainstream media changed their tune. The San Francisco Chronicle had previously refused to report on the Grove. After our infiltration, they wrote as many as five articles a year, detailing the bizarre activities that were taking place inside the Grove, including the fact that top presidential advisor Karl Rove had tapped Arnold Schwarzenegger inside the Grove, to run for governor on California's recall ballot. Even the vaunted New York Times reported on the Bohemian Grove, but attacked us for sneaking in. The New York Post was one of many national publications to report on all of the homosexual activities going on at the Grove. The Post reported in its Page Six gossip column that Chad Savage, gay porno star, was, "servicing the moguls of the Grove." But, a disturbing theme ran through the body of the reportage. "Okay it's true, the elite meet behind closed doors and there's gay porn stars, gay prostitutes being shipped in like beluga caviar. What's the big deal? Let's just let them have their privacy. So they have lakeside chats calling for world government? Really, they're not bad people. The people we should watch are those that are exposing it, they're really dangerous weirdoes." Of all the hit pieces we've been victims of, the worst was conducted on national television by Brian Lamb, the director of C-SPAN and some shifty eyed professor they dug up, who appeared to be flashing Masonic hand signs while he tried to eviscerate our character by implying that there wasn't even a ritual at all. while, Alex Jones claims, they do this rituals. Meanwhile, the Bohemian Grove has gone public with newspapers, admitting they conduct rituals. They, overnight they had a gentleman on by the name of Alex Jones who has a-a talk show in Texas, I think, and it's heard in communities around the United States. And he was talking about the Bohemian Grove Club, as if that's where it all happens, that's where all the decisions are made. Thousands of people go there and there's some kind of a ceremony surrounding an owl or like that Have you followed this at all? Yes I have, even though the show is on past my bedtime. But uh, Alex Jones has been talking about this for uh, quite awhile. The Bohemian Grove is, of course, a privately owned redwood grove up in Sonoma County north of San Francisco where every summer there is a get together of uh, the wealthy and uh, well placed all male, uh, who uh, get together for general cavorting, socializing, lecture, symposia and so on in an atmosphere that is completely removed from public scrutiny. Uh, Alex Jones and some others have uh, suggested for a long time that there are all sorts of nefarious rituals that go on. Human sacrifices that were uh, being committed by the elite who attend these gatherings. Lot of things people feel are organized behind the scenes with the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the Masons, you can keep going down the list, the Illuminati, one world government, New World Order, Skull and Bones, you've got more information on that than I do, so call us at the top of the hour and talk to our guest about that and we'll try to sort it out. Define the Illuminati. The Illuminati were a small quazi-Masonic group founded in central Europe in 1776- There was a surprising development in the summer of 2005, a Bohemian Grove employee decided to video tape some of the activities in the Grove and to give us the footage. The footage you're seeing was shot on tiny digital cameras, so the quality isn't the best, but the images are powerful. The individual that gave us this footage asked that we not release their name. Our source was able to confirm what we had seen in internal Bohemian Grove documents and annuls that the elite of the elite attend the Grove. Our source personally saw New Mexico governor Bill Richardson in attendance, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the famous newsman Walter Cronkite, and countless other luminaries. Without giving away the identity of our source, we can tell you this, the most elite encampment within the Grove is Mandalay. Other members of the Grove were not even allowed to approach within 100 yards of this compound. Swarming with Secret Service,

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The Order of Death picks up where Dark Secrets leaves off. This new work exposes the connections between the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones and other occult secret societies. Jones explores the roots of the Grove and its links to occult networks dating back to ancient Egypt and Babylon.

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