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Bioptron Iskustva Dio 1

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Experiences part one We represent an unusual combination of a family practice, which has been in the family for over 50 years. and a simultaneously highly specialised cancer outpatient's clinic. Over the past 15 years, the main focus of the clinic Has been concentrating on new projects designed to provide patients in clinics with access to new medical approaches as soon as possible. Within the scope of these projects and our focus on discovering new paths and methods in the interests of patients, we came across light therapy by Bioptron. Even if we were, like so many others, rather sceptical at the beginning about finding the correct application for this type of light therapy certainly the word ''light'' does make one wonder how much can really be achieved - we must say that after five years of applying this treatment, we are more then covninced of the possibilities that this treatment can present to patients. Interestingly, this was both in the area of cancer medicine and treatment, as well as on a broader scope, and it proved to be at least as impressive in the treatment of many chronical conditions which are often seen in a family clinic. Therefore, so-called polyneuropathy, which is often found on the feet and leads to limitations in movement, could be a possible indication that a course of Bioptron is necessary. How are you feeling? Considerably better! How many times have you used Bioptron? Today was the sixth time. And it's already feeling a bit better, yes? Yes, it was actually already much better after the fourth time. I could walk without limping and since then I've been able to walk again in flat shoes, without insoles. I think that this will improve more. Here we have an example which worked out very well, whereby the exclusive use of the light therapy, Bioptron, was successfully able to treat the problems of an inflammatory change in the varicose veins. I've now had eleven sessions of light therapy and healed roughly 60 to 70 % . Then we have another example of a sports accident injury whereby tendonitis can often lead to a tendon problem which can be very painful and cause an inability to play sport in the future or cause strong limitations to movement ability. How many times have you received Bioptron? Twelve times. And how do you find it now? Better? Yes, significantly better. I simply could barely move at first, my knee was completely unstable and I noticed right after the first treatment that the tissue, as it were, worked. Good! Due to this I was able to notic that something had happened. We started with, and initially paid attention to, stomatitis and how it occurs through the side effects of therapy from cancer treatments such as chemoterapy and radiotherapy. It is often extremely difficult to find a treatment which retains quality of life, and there we witnessed very good results. Something which we also found fascinating was the success we had with nerve damage which arose through chemotherapy. This damage leads to the so-called ''hand-foot''sindrome, whereby the nerves of the hands and feet become so damaged that the patient is usually unable to sense or feel things. For those who lucky, it is just a temporary issue. For many, it is one that always persists after chemo and entails an extremely high limitation on quality of life, as their sense of touch can be so destroyed that they may not be able to do up the buttons on their shirt anymore or it will be accompanied by strong pain. There was not been an effective treatment for this. Bioptron light therapy still doesn't constitute a wonder cure with a full guarantee that the problem goes away. But it is the first time that we have witnessed the successful and lasting treatment of these problems, Which is definitely something I would say represents a milestone in the development of treatment for complications which otherwise can lead to a strong restriction in the quality of life for people. Due to this experience we have said: good, if there are such impressive possibilities for repair, why can this not also be transferred into a more general internal medical family practice, where one of course witnesses other symptoms outside of cancerous diseases such as arthritis and polyneuropathy, namely the nerve disorders other causes like diabetes mellitius. Again and again we are confronted by patients who where also shown the example whereby phenomenal results are seen from suffering over many years. A simple light therapy which could enable a complete transformation of the symptoms and consequently establish a good quality of life for patients. It is lovely to see how thankful the patients are to achieve these results with minimal use of noninvasive treatment. With this in mind we try to continue to work in the future. I first came across the Bioptron light 15 years ago when I was studying to be an animal healer in school. I have been using them in my own practice for thirteen years I use it a lot for wound healing disorders and also after operations, when it heals scars well. It is good to use on horses for summer itch and to treat a veriety of issues such as tendonitis and arthritis. A great thing about the Bioptron light is how easy it is to use. For instance, when treating the tendons, it can be kept for two minutes on one point then changed to other points, depending on how broad the inflammation is. The foot arrea can be simply irradated in the same way, depending on where the injuries or symptoms are. Radiation should be administered from a distance of at least ten centimetres and in intervals from four to six minutes to ensure treatment is not uncomfortable for the horse. Summer itch can also be treated well, depending on the length of the area, changing the intervals every two to four minutes for each area. With this, there is the effect that light decreases itchiness and the healing of the wound from eczema. We have found that the horses always remain standing calmly and therefore accept the treatment. The Bioptron light works equally well for colour therapy with its different attachments, red, green, yellow, and whichever is needed at the time. It also works well with dogs and treating eczema, green to calm, red to vitalise and yellow to enchance the zest for life. The colours can thus be used to engage with the mind. The Power of light.

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