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We are the oldest all-boys' school in the Chicagoland area Founded in 1861. My hope and my goal is that somehow I can accompany and journey with them toward adulthood, as they approach graduation in four short years of high school. One of the great Lasallian hallmarks is the whole idea of accompaniment We are here to walk with them, they are not alone. We support them, we hold them up when they feel like falling. And that's really our mission as teachers, I believe. Each young person is at a different place in their journey to God. I mean, someone can be very strong in their faith, a weekly Mass goer, someone could be questioning the existence of God And so it runs the spectrum. The one thing that stays the same is that they want to feel part of something larger, they want to feel that they're needed and they want to feel that they're loved. There are people that do not believe they are even capable of being loved. If we just admit that we are sinners, that we are capable of being loved by God, we don't have to pay a thing for it, it's free of charge and always has been. Faith and mercy is about asking for it. And if you ask for it, it will be given to you. And then once you realize that, God can do the work. God is always trying to probe, to get into the heart, you know to work that mercy if you will, as Pope Francis has eloquently put during this Jubilee Year. World Youth Day, you know, was inspired in many ways by John Paul who had this great devotion to Divine Mercy to the Diaries of Mother Faustina. That is where the notion of mercy initiated itself more into the Catholic conversation. And of course John Paul II throughout his 28 year, 27 year pontificate embraced that notion. I think what Pope Francis has done is he's taken it to another level, and he says, 'Look, this is what mercy is about, now I'm going to show you what mercy is about.' Mercy is about going to the peripheries, to those that feel unwanted, unloved, and embracing them where they're at. That's what mercy, that's what true mercy is. It's about actions. It's faith with actions, and not faith with just words. And that's why I would love to take a group here from St. Pat's to World Youth Day in Krakow.

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