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ATD Trailer

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[A Total Disruption Production] ♪ music ♪ [Joe Lonsdale] [CEO - Palantir] We're in the middle of the second industrial revolution. There's a whole new way that all big industries should work. [We are living through the greatest shift in the history of humankind.] [Sheridan Jones] [Microsoft] It's not just a revolution of technology; it's a revolution of ideas and attitudes. [It's A TOTAL DISRUPTION, driven by technology.] [Jake Dorsey] [Co-Founder - Twitter] Technology, to me, does 2 things; it increases the velocity of communication, and it increases the number of people you can participate. [We can communicate our ideas, without mediation.] [Candace Faktor] [General Manager - Wattpad] There's no gatekeeper any more; if it's publishers, entertainment companies, agents, they come to you—you don't go to them. [Andrew Chung] [Khosla Ventures] Our partnership is going to be a critical part to how we invent our way into the future. [We can create what we imagine...] [Scott Summit] [Bespoke Innovations] I get up out of bed everyday, and go off to science-fiction land. Prosthetic fairings are essentially a way of making an amputee symmetric again. There's a 3D printable solution for all of this. [Alexis Ohanian] [Co-Founder - Reddit] You can take an investment the size of a Ford Focus, and years later have a billion dollar company. That is happening right now on the internet. [We can make our visions real, cheaper & faster than ever before...] [Bram Cohen] [Founder - BitTorrent] I invent puzzles and I juggle. [Eric Klinker] [CEO - BitTorrent] I think it gives him the ability to think about big problems and to focus on them until he eventually solves them. And to him, BitTorrent was a puzzle that he eventually solved. [Bram] The things that are working, you don't mess with them, and the people who spend their time just thinking about how great they are, they generally go down, they fail. [Tara Hart] [Serial Entrepreneur] Startups are hard. Startups are really hard. It's having an idea that's never been tried before, or never been tried in this way. Actually, startups are really fucking hard. [Kevin Systrom] [Co-Founder - Instagram] When you work at Instagram, you've been given the chance to change the world and improve the world in an interesting way. And it's up to us to do that. [We can create better company culture & community.] [Tony Hsieh] [Founder - Zappos] Our downtown project has $350 million budget. The idea is to make downtown Vegas the most community focused large city in the world. Company culture is to a company as community is to city. It's the exact same concept, just at a different scale. [Alex Ljung] [CEO - Soundcloud] Being able to take something where people really say, you are crazy, that means that you're probably on to something. Then at least it's worth trying for it because if it works, it's going to be really awesome. [We need to relay our passion & bulid great teams] [Paul Graham] [Founder - Y-Combinator] If you look at history, there have been a few big collections of smart and ambitions people like Los Alamos during World War II, Florence during the late 1400s, and that's what I'm trying to create. [Michael Chase] [Co-Founder - Blackboard] So didn't start Blackboard with the idea of raising a lot of money and going public and becoming this large global anything. We really had a passion for technology, a passion for entrepreneurship that over the years had really grown into a passion for education. [We need to share our ideas as we go.] [Dean Florez] [20 Million Minds Foundation] We're making digital textbooks. The very premise of all our books. is that a faculty member or student could make the information their own. [Ben Rattray] [] People today have more power to make a difference because of technology than ever before in all of human history. The goal is to build a global forum that can be used by people in local communities around the world. [We can get Smarter >> Faster >> Together] [Carl Bass] [CEO - AutoDesk] I have access to more computing power on my phone than existed on the entire planet just about 5 years ago. [A TOTAL DISRUPTION] [Subscribe for screenings & downloads:] [By @OndiTimoner @totaldisruption]

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Duration: 3 minutes and 34 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Director: Ondi Timoner
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Posted by: ebkirsten on Jun 24, 2014

Overview of A Total Disruption, highlighting some of the featured visionaries and entrepreneurs.

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