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Psalm 30 is this wonderful reminder that God doesn't wait until all is well, or until we feel like praising him. Instead God meets us in the midst of our very real struggles of faith, and in the unpredictable rhythms of our lives. In verses 6-12 the Psalmist is far from shy; he spells out the kind of doubt, fear and sense of grief we so often experience. And we're invited to resonate with his palpable sense of relief and to join him in praising God for his and our experience of deliverance. Throughout the Bible and history Christian brothers and sisters of every shade and hue in every time and place, also knew how to be honest to God. And when it came to the challenges of life they would simply tell it like it is, without performance or pretence, and still have cause for praise. It's partly because God is never captive to our expectations that we sometimes struggle to praise him. Yet they remind us that it is as we cry out that God meets us. It is in the midst of the crisis of marginalisation, injustice, persecution, suffering adversity, sickness, oppression, suppression and depression: yes, God meets us in the midst of rage and loss, and right there God turns our wailing into dancing and our mourning into rejoicing. Such testimonies reminds us that we don't have to wait for our circumstances to change or until we feel good about our lives again. It reminds us that we can praise God for who he is, for the things he's made and for the things he's done, in creation and in redemption. we are never likely to run out of things to praise God for. But should our hearts grow silent as the Psalmist fears, Jesus reminds us that the very stones will cry out in praise. You see we're not alone in praising God. In many ways we're already late to the party, because when we come together in praise we're not only joining with those who have gone ahead, we're also joining in the continuous praise of countless angels and the whole of creation, none of whom can suppress their praise to God. This of course reminds us that praise is intended to be more than a momentary and temporary expression; it is eternal. Or as the Psalmist rightly declares, 'I will praise you for ever.' We can play musical instruments and sing out our praises, but the psalm reminds us we need not feel limited in our expressions of praise. We can engage our hands, our feet and our entire body in a dance of praise. We can shout or we can whisper our praise in the stillness of our hearts. We can choose spontaneity and informality or get organised and be more prescribed in our praise. And should we decide to sing, we can sing a whole new song or borrow one that already expresses all that we're longing to communicate. For we are praising the one who knows our pains, and who in Jesus experiences their heights and depths. We're praising the God who through Jesus has done everything for us and given everything to us. So let's continue praising the Lord – in the highs, the lows and all the places in between.

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