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David Icke-Revelations of a Mother Goddess4/18

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they have seen key people in positions of power just demanifest from being a human physical form, and become, before their eyes, a reptilian figure? When you look at the ancient gods of the Indus Valley they talk about the nagas The gods who wait for it had the ability to manifest as human, or manifest as reptiles This is absolutely vital to understanding parts of the Arizona interview, because she has experienced exactly this And the background to what’s happening is quite simple: This three dimensional world that we appear to live in is only one frequency, one dimension of existence We have a frequency range which we can perceive. We call them the physical senses But outside of that range are other frequencies, other dimensions of existence and life that are sharing the same space that we are In the space that my body is occupying now for instance are all the radio and television frequencies broadcasting to London I can’t see them. They can’t see each other They aren’t aware of each other, because they’re on different frequencies Only when the frequencies become very close do we have what we call interference on the television, or interference on the radio And it’s the same with creation We live, in conscious terms, in this three-dimensional world So this is our reality. This is what we perceive But there are other dimensions And the one closest to this is the fourth dimension And staggering as it may seem, but you really have to read “The Biggest Secret,” to see the immense supporting evidence for this a reptilian race from this fourth dimension is the source, or one of the key sources, of the manipulation of this world Back in the ancient world - again documented endlessly - in so many parts of the world, in ancient texts and legends, and accounts are the stories of how this extraterrestrial race interbred with humanity creating hybrid bloodlines And when you do the genealogical research you find that it is these human reptile hybrid bloodlines that actually have occupied the major positions of power through the history of the last few thousand years and today are in the key positions of power, running the banking system, the business system, the politics, the military, etc.. And Arizona Wilder, who had no idea of all this other information coming towards me in researching, “The Biggest Secret” when I met her, she said,and told me about how at various Satanic rituals involving the most famous people in the world she had seen them again and again turn into reptile figures, and then come back again during the ritual I got a call from the head of an organization in America called, “Parents Against Ritual Abuse” who told me again, from her experience how many of her clients, who had been subjected to Satanic ritual, had reported the same story of how the participants had shape-shifted, as the term goes, from human to reptile and back again during the ritual And one of the key areas, where the key families identified by Arizona Wilder in her accounts is one not too far from here. And it’s very famous indeed And that family, and that bloodline, live here At least partly live here, Buckingham Palace one of the many palaces and homes of the British Royal Family, the House of Windsor They are seen as bastions of the establishment, the British establishment but in fact the Windsor bloodline is not British at all. It’s German It’s really the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and on Prince Philip’s side, the husband of the Queen of England, he’s a Mountbatten which is really Battenberg. Again, another German line In 1917, they changed the name from "Battenberg" to "Mountbatten," from the House of Saxe-Coburg to Windsor because at that time, as you may recall the German nation and the British nation were knocking the hell out of each other in the trenches of Northern France and it was good PR from the British royal family’s point of view to just change their name to sound more English And this is just the farce and the façade behind which so much goes on However, most people, if not almost everyone on the planet would find the fact that the House of Windsor are one of these reptilian-human-hybrid lines that shapeshift between human and reptilian form to be utterly, devastatingly ludicrous and unbelievable I understand that But the truth,the real truth often is And Arizona Wilder,in the interview that’s coming up now is going to talk about her experiences of seeing this happen. Well, I think that’s all you need to know and appreciate to understand the kind of information that Arizona Wilder is going to reveal to us now Except one thing Across the millennium years ,is crunch time in this whole agenda Crunch time for the human race This is the time when this network of interbreeding bloodlines wants to bring in its global fascist structure of a world government - to which nation states would be administrative units - of a world central bank and a world currency a currency that wouldn’t be cash, it would be merely electronic for which there are fundamental implications for human freedom And also the world army, which is designed to be NATO, expanding and expanding as it is now, of course to become the fully fledged world army, world police force And underpinning that little lot is designed to be a microchip population in which we are microchipped with our financial details, our medical details, etc.. and that would allow not only electronic tagging - people knowing where we are all the time - it would allow the external manipulation through this electronic means of our mental and emotional processes This will happen unless the human race wakes up, and wakes up fast And to do that, we need to understand what’s really going on And to let people know that, we’ve got to stop beating about the bush, stop pulling punches stop pussy-footing around, keeping information from people “Oh my goodness, how will they react?,” and just say, “This is going on, take it or leave it, make of it what you will, but this is what’s going on.” And some of the information you’re going to hear now is quite horrific but if we don’t know about it what can we do to stop it and to change it? I spoke to Arizona Wilder in Los Angeles and this is what she had to say: Arizona, Let’s start at the beginning And can you tell us the story of what happened in your life from the very start? Um, what I can tell you is that before I started looking into my life, back in 1989 I was starting to have flashes of things And my life was not what it seemed to be which is why I started looking into it. And what I found out, was that I had a lot of missing time, A whole lot of missing time As to what had occurred in my life and when I started looking into what had happened in my life, the only way at the time that I knew was to start going to see a therapist. Within a year, I was talking about memories of being sexually abused by my father which was part of what was supposed to happen- and I was starting to talk about mind control issues And I was talking about ritual abuse issues at the time. And I didn’t have the whole thing put together It’s taken me years, all these years, it’s taken approximately almost 10 years to put together what has happened to me And in the process, I have lost everything that I ever had in my life, and anything I held dear in my life I was bred for this role that I fulfill and it was planned from before my birth And it was because of the bloodline of my mother’s family, which comes down through Ireland, but before that it began in France it was through the Marquis de Stock which he came to Ireland, and changed the name to Stack, and then I was chosen The birth was planned

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A shocking series that exposes the reptilian agenda and their human ritual sacrifices they have with world leaders and politicians participating in. Arizona Wilder reveals her life story as a mind control victim and one who has been at the ritual sacrifices and has seen the reptilians for herself. Have an open mind and get ready to be shocked and appalled at the horror that is really going on in the world.

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