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Incremental Growth vs Explosive Growth

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Incremental Growth vs Explosive Growth We were in a finance meeting. Are you 'glazing' over when I say that? We were in a finance meeting. We had a pie chart out. We had already determined how much...this would be all of our revenue... our annual revenue is being represented here. We said that a certain portion of that goes to operations, facility, insurance... cleaning the building and all of that. That means the rest of this is pure ministry. That's your children's ministry, junior high, senior high. That is your small group leaders, music ministry. Oh, we like this because we have been working hard to shrink the money that goes into operations. We have been trying to transfer as much money over into pure ministry initiatives. We are patting ourselves on the back for having made a dramatic switch to free up more pure ministry dollars. Then someone asks of the pure ministry dollars... This is cool. We are all 'high-fiving' each other. How many of these pure ministry dollars on what percentage is this going to maintain current ministries? What percentage of those pure ministry dollars are... What percentage of those dollars will provide our church incremental growth? What percentage of those dollars might provide explosive growth? That is an unbelievable question. We listed all of the ministries. To our utter embarrassment, we determined that only 10% of all of these ministry dollars represent any realistic shot at our church experiencing explosive growth. Every other ministry represented in all of this 90% is just incremental. So we asked if that is enough. What are those ministries? Are we resourcing them enough? So hold onto that thought. One of the most fun discussions you can have in a church setting is to ask the question, what has God enabled our church to do incredibly well? What are we great at with the Spirit's power? What are we great at? For some churches... We are going to Australia next. If I asked what Hillsong Church was great at. Worship. You would not say 10 other things. You would say that they are unbelievable at worship. If you looked at their pie chart of what they spend much of their resources on, where do you think they spend a huge amount of their budget? Worship. I could take you to Holy Trinity Brompton, Nicki Gumbel's church, downtown London. What are they great at? Alpha. What do they spend an enormous amount of their dollars on? Alpha. I could take you to a church in Southern California that has an unbelievable children's ministry. They spend transcendent dollars on their children's ministry because they are great at it. And it represents the possibility of explosive growth as opposed to spreading the resources out so everyone is doing a little incremental something. I think it is a good exercise on a regular basis for church leadership teams comprised how you want to comprise them to spend an evening together, eat a meal, then get a flip chart and ask more than anything else what are we great at? We have a great junior high ministry. We do small groups well. Then ask the question, what if you doubled the investment in your small groups? Might a double of the investment in small groups bring you to where you could experience explosive growth in some way? Some churches are experiencing explosive growth because they are doing multiple sites. In the US, Life Church. Craig Groeschel He decided that our is not that special. Much of our stuff is not that special. But we know how to do the multiple site thing. He is at 15 sites now. They are going to go to 30. If you looked at their budget, which he has shown me, they spend more on it than anyone in the world. What is it...? What are you going to incrementalize? What do you do that if you change you could have explosive growth? Is this worth talking about? Yeah. Very few churches do this work. If you did that work then when you decide two things that represent our best shot of explosive growth you redo the entire budget and decide to do those things three times better than you have ever done. We will pray three times more for those than we have prayed for anything else. We will step out on a limb of faith with three times the risk factor than ever before and see what God does. When you do that that is why church work can get regenerating excitement going in your heart because you are always looking at it differently. You are always wondering what God is up to and how you can get behind it.

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Posted by: landsm on Nov 5, 2014


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