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As children we had to work. At that time tobacco was grown a lot. We had to get up about 4 hours after midnight. It was still dark. We would sit on the trailer of tractor and go to the fields. On the field we would put on dresses that would protect us from resin that tobacco released. They would lined up us in the ranks. Everyone was picking the two rows small children would carry harvested tobacco There were canvas stretching around the perimeter of fields and ends, and in them lied the harvested tobacco. Adults had tied bale that was how they called sorted tobacco and then they carried them on trailers. As children we loved medium picking, when we did not have to bent too much to the ground neither stretched to catch the top of plant we would go back home around 7 or 8 in the morning. our breakfast consisted of a glass of milk and a couple biscuits. then we would sit and bound harvested tobacco. Tobacco was bound with a needle and a special kind of thread and product was called vijenac .Then they would be carried by men and set in the middle of wooden beams. There tobacco was dried during the whole summer. When it was completely dry it would be put in koke that would be oriented to the south. During the winter tobacco would be mulling and carried to the tobacco factory on the purchase. The money that we would got had to be distribute for all things that we would need in the next year . It was only wage during the year. Adults would also remember us and if they dont they would buy us at least sweets for Christmas That was our Christmas present when one season was over we were waiting for the next one. planting tobacco was starting sowing seedlings in the middle of the first or second month and in May tobacco was planting. That was our green/yellow gold.

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Voice 001

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