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Seaweed Shabushabu - A Day in the Life of a Seaweed Farmer

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Do you wanna use clothespins to hang (the seaweed) to dry? At my house, I actually think we have the racks for hanging seaweed to dry Wow... Alright. Cut it up like this. Put the ends out of the basket, so they're easy to divide up later Is that mekabu? Yup "Fucoidan" "Fucoidan?" It's a nutrient called fucoidan Where am I supposed to cut from? Master Yumiko! Please teach me the way Just slice this part off like this This part right here is mekabu (In the background) I was doing seaweed aquaculture up until last year. I'm taking a little break now Ah, I see So I just lift it up like this, and then cut a few at a time? Hold it like this? Then what? We're gonna eat the mekabu too, so you gotta cut underneath the that part. Here? But the rope is in the way So put a slit in it, and then you should be able to do the rest with your hands Yumiko was doing this like it was so easy It is easy! Whatchu talkin about? Of course, Yumiko's a pro! It won't break off. Like, at all. Put some muscle into it, homie He says to put some muscle into it! Make sure you're cutting the seaweed and not your hand, though, ah! Is it okay if I get on the stand in my boots? Yeah, don't worry about it We're assembling a rack to dry the seaweed Yo Nishant, do some work! You don't think this rust is gonna get on the seaweed? It probably will... haha Nishant, what are you doing now? Hanging up some seaweed, homie! Drying the seaweed! These are "kugi" How do you say "kugi" in English? Nail. Eh? Nail. Nail? May-oh? May-oh? N-A-I-L Nail! Ainame is "ne-uh" "Ne-uh!" "Kugi" is "nail! Ainame (like the fish??) I don't know what Ainame is called in English It's called "ne-uh?" Ainame in English? It's the local dialect, right? Oh, it's not English! Of course not! Ainame is already Japanese. Why are there two ways of saying it? It's just the dialect Dialect, ah? Hanging up the seaweed we harvested this morning This is seaweed (wakame) I'm gonna try to shabushabu it! Oh look! The color changes! GOD HAND (resistant to heat) I'm gonna use chopsticks The color is completely different It looks good!! I think it's better to put it in for a bit longer I think it should be good It looks good! It looks hot... (unintelligible) It's really big. Too big.

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Posted by: nrannu on Apr 13, 2019

Come to Kesennuma and learn the process of harvesting seaweed (wakame and mekabu), one of the most important ingredients in Japanese cuisine. You've had shabushabu before... but not like this!

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