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8 of 11, Extraterrestrial Guides The Great White Brotherhood in the Andes

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the population inherits knowledge of the organization of the civilization from Venus and the civilization of the Confederation. According to them, the world is divided by four regions. When the four regions unite as one, they form what is called the Chakana. The Chakana is the square cross. This Chakana is the map of the pyramids that are all over Central and South America. In their pure essence, the unity of the Four Regions symbolizes the mathematical representation of the geomagnetic movement of the Earth. Current archeologists know that there is a large temple in Lake Titicaca. They have started sub-aquatic archeology. They have discovered ruins underneath Lake Titicaca which is projected to be from thousands of years ago. There was life all around this area. Lake Titicaca is divided into two sections. What you are seeing here is the main lake. This is the small lake, or, in Aymara, is Winaymarka. Winaymarka, in the Aymara language means, The Eternal City. It is amazing that geologists cannot explain why, at this point, there are two longitudinal cross sections, as if a great shovel has taken away a great portion of the Earth, creating this inundation on that side of the lake. Furthermore, that’s the evidence why all of this was realized. One year after my contact and my interdimensional trip with the guides from Venus, contact happened to me again, but this time it was not in the countryside, but occurred in my own home. When I was about to go to sleep, one of the elders came to me in a holographic image. The first thing that I saw was the same as with the extraterrestrial guides – he had a light coming out of his eyes. This told me how the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Just then I realized that he was an elder, but with Nordic characteristics,He had a beard that was very fine. He had long, straight, white hair. While I was observing his presence he told me, I am Soromis. I love you, my son. The time has come to give you the key that will open the door of your consciousness. When I heard that, I said, “Wow! Finally!” Immediately the elder said, The key that can open the door of your consciousness is to love God above everything else, and to love everyone else as you love yourself. That created a feeling like an earthquake within me. It was not a magnetic key. It was not an explanation of magnetics, or vibrations. Nothing strange that I didn’t already know. The elder told me, True realization is not very far from you. It is very close to everyone if you are going towards your own light. ” The elders are talking to your heart, not your mind. Their energy, their words and their thoughts have a certain level of understanding beyond what you are listening to. They are illuminating your understanding. At that moment I understood. I understood at this moment that if God is love then the only way to connect with that source of love is through action. And what is the action of love? It is to love. The action of love is translated in our lives through the action of service. There is no advancement without service. The only way you can go forward is in understanding that we cannot give to others what we haven’t been able to find inside ourselves. That’s why the first job is one within yourself. But when you have found your own destiny, in the same way that the guides and the elders are sharing with us, then we have to share it with others in order to keep going forward. I understood that to love ourselves

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Луис Фернандес прибыл из Боливии. Он имел контакты с представителями внеземной цивилизации с планеты Венера и спутника Юпитера Ганимед. Он так же контактировал с т.н. "Предками", обитателями подземных пространств нашей планеты. Авторитетная комиссия с агенства ТАСС подтвердила, что опыт Луиса не выдумка. Перевод с испанского Мануэля роберто. Перевод на русский с не очень удачного английского транскрипта Узланера М.

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