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Richard Florida at 2010 State of the Valley

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Professor Florida, you are keynote speaker today. What is the main thrust of your message? Well, I think picking up on the fantastic report on the state of the Valley. The fact that the Valley is at this incredible turning point, at its reflection point of its history. You know, it had a good thing going, has a good thing going. Has been a center of technology, and actually tracking talent from around the world. But now the state is in terrible shape, the federal government, the nation, the crisis - how does the Valley reposition itself. And I think, what I wanted to communicate is it's not just about technology and entrepreneurship It's bigger than that. It's about building a full creative economy, harnessing the arts and culture, and entertainment community fusing hardware, software, content, and technology. But also digging down deep in making sure we reach out to the millions, and millions of people who currently aren't participating in the creative economy. Retail, and service jobs, even the manufacturing jobs, how we tap and harness their creative energy,and build better jobs for them. I think also addressing the question of affordable housing, transit creating a better, more sustainable place to live, and one of the challenges I talked about, and I think is critical the future of the Valley will be more than just inventing new technologies It will about inventing new lifestyles And I think what better place to do that than the greater Bay Area, which has been at the forefront of popular culture, and the invention of new lifestyle trends. For all of my life, and I am 52, so fusing that with technology

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Posted by: ralflippold on May 23, 2011

Interview with Richard Florida, the keynote speaker at this year's State of the Valley where he addressed issues about creative leadership in the global economy. The author of the book, The Rise of the Creative Class, Florida shares insights about technological advancement, demographic trends, and cultural and economic competitiveness. He is currently a professor and head of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

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