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Azucar ice cream on Hungry Bound (From Creative Commons)

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I know you love sausages, so pay attention to this because you're going to love this. Jerry and everyone else loves ice cream in the summertime. Our food reporters found some worldly flavors in our region. That goes way beyond chocolate chip or butter pecan It's our Friday night special, Steve Delinksy joins us now with a taste. And I timed it perfectly with this weather. It's going to be a fantastic weekend for ice cream. So in Niles, Filipino ex pats love purple yam coconut and avocado flavors at the Village Creamery. While in Little Village in the city's southwest side, there are sweet tastes from Mexico. in both ice cream and sorbet form. Some flavors may sound a little bizarre but they're all delicious. (Music) Making ice cream takes special skill, but in the little village neighborhood the ice cream and sorbet at Azucar, which means sugar is alltogether different since the flavors are inspired by the owner's upbringing in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. I have guava, lemon is very good. It's real lemon. The lottes is the most popular, it's delicious. It's very good. That would be corn and he's right, it's delicious There are more than 2 dozen exotic Mexican-influenced flavors here. And many of them require extra effort to source the right ingredients It is difficult especially wanawana and guava and sometimes mangoo because the mango is very good in Mexico. To achieve this, they first peel and chop a ton of Mexican mangos then they're blended with water and a coarse, granulated Mexican sugar The mixture is poured into an ice cream maker where it chills and agitates for about 10 minutes. As it comes out it's combined with a lime juice and chili mixture then alternately layered with the sorbet and more lime-chili flavoring. lending every spoonful a dose of sweet and heat. They also turn out flavors like sangria and guava. Plus they offer two refreshing drinks each day like cinnamon horchata or a sweet hibiscus called jicama But when it comes to flavors, Garcia has his favorites. The Mexican mango, is of course the best. He'll be busy tomorrow. And coming up tomorrow night combining salt, sugar and fat into new delicious items on a new Italian menu in town One sweet, one savory. It's my Saturday night sampler. Tomorrow at 10, that's the story of my life. Sweet, salt, fat, what? We've been watching Jerry go: ahhh watching this while he wants some. OK, I want to try the corn. It's good.

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We were fortunate to share some of our little secrets with friends from ABC 7 News.

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