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Rav Brandwein

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Beloved of My Soul The kabbalists teach that the death anniversary of a righteous person is a time at which their soul shines again in order for every single one of us to be able to complete our spiritual work, to complete the purpose for which we came to this world we need to draw upon the assistance of the righteous souls that have been here before us, that have done the work, that have completed their transformation and by connecting to them we facilitate our own transformation Rav Brandwein was born in Tsfat, in Tsafed He was born to a great lineage of kabbalists He knew though, that his purpose in life wasn't simply to be a rabbi that his purpose on life was something greater and it was when he met his teacher, Rav Yehuda Ashlag that he realised that his work is to continue his teacher's work to continue the work of Rav Yehuda Ashlag The Rav tells that when Rav Brandwein and Rav Ashlag began studying the family of Rav Brandwein was not very happy they put many barriers to try to stop Rav Brandwein from studying with his teacher Rav Ashlag As a matter of fact, Rav Brandwein's family controlled the bus system at that time And they actually gave a directive to all the bus drivers not to allow Rav Brandwein to use the buses, not to allow him to use the bus to get to his teacher Rav Ashlag and it is true of every great kabbalist that the road is never easy, they are always difficulties put but certainly as Rav Brandwein writes about his connection to Rav Ashlag nothing can stand in his way, and Rav Brandwein after the passing of Rav Ashlag, continued the process of diseminating the word of Rav Ashlag the Zohar and the wisdom of Kabbalah that was written down and revealed to such a great degree by Rav Ashlag but I think one of the greatest gifts that Rav Brandwein left us is the Rav you know that the Rav met his teacher in the early sixties and it was from that time on, as Rav Brandwein said about his teacher, the Rav said about his teacher, Rav Brandwein he never left him, even if he was in the United States as the Rav was and Rav Brandwein was in Israel their consciousness never separated and he continued studying in person when the Rav would come to Israel in letters and over the phone and through that process Rav Brandwein certainly wrote many books and revealed great teachings but it was the energy, the consciousness that he instilled within the Rav that is one of his greatest gifts for the world I remember in the 80's I was in the Rav's office in Queens and I was looking through the cabinets, and I came across this folder and in the folder there was something that I had never seen before this were letters, this where letters that Rav Brandwein had sent the Rav filled with teaching, but also filled with administrative stuff, stuff about the Seder, how to draw, how to push out this wisdom of Kabbalah, how to get it to the whole world. As I started reading through this letters, I realized there was an amazing treasure here there's wisdom that had never been revealed that Rav Brandwein wrote to the Rav And I asked the Rav, do you mind if I start working on this letters trying to make them ready for print so that people can have accesss to them, and the Rav said yes And I spent a few years certainly studying the letters writing a commentary in hebrew, and preparing them for print The books are printed in hebrew, and hopefully soon in english. They are called Yedid Nafshi, Beloved of My Soul One of the most amazing things about the letters, besides the wisdom within them, is the amazing love that is so evident that existed, and still exists, between the Rav Brandwein and the Rav In the introduction to every letter, Rav Brandwein writes to the Beloved of My Soul to the Friend of My Heart every letter he begins with love, love from him, from Rav Brandwein to the Rav When I was ready with preparing the letter for print, I came to the Rav and said: can you write an introduction to the letters? and the Rav said Yes, of course, as he always does, and then I thought it was going to be a short one, two page introduction about the letters, maybe a little bit about Rav Brandwein, but the Rav wrote, and wrote and wrote. We are very blessed to have them both, certainly the hebrew as it was originally written and in the english in the english it is called Education of a Kabbalist I'd like to share one of the many lessons that Rav Brandwein taught the Rav, and now he has taught us in his letters and Rav Brandwein writes, and I will read just one sentence, but it's so powerful (reading in hebrew) Rav Brandwein says what is the difference between a person who is righteous a person who is connected to the Light of the Creator and a person who is disconnected to the Light of the Creator. (leyendo en hebreo) that a person who is disconnected it means that he does not have certainty in his own redemption, does not have certainty that all chaos for him will end (leyendo en hebreo) but a righteous person, how do you know if a person is connected truely to the Light of the Creator? that is a person who has certainty that his problems will end, that his chaos will end (leyendo en hebreo) and he says consistently, and this is his consciousness my redemption, my assistance, will come quickly it's an unbelievable lesson because for most people if you ask who's a righteous person, they'll say someone who does many great deads, one who's sharing, and all that is true, it is important. but the basis in consciousness that Rav Brandwein is teaching us here is a very important one The true separation between connection and disconnection between being open an open vessel to the blessings and assistance of the Light of the Creator. So one of the great gifts that we have tonight in connecting with Rav Brandwein is that we have the ability to connect to this lesson this opening to strengthen our own consciousness to become righteous, meaning to become certain, to be certain that no matter what difficulties we may have, what difficulties are around us (speaking hebrew), my redemption, my assistance, the Light of the Creator will certaintly come, will certainly come and bring an end to my chaos, to my problems (speaking in hebrew). For me one of the most moving sections within Education of a Kabbalist is when the Rav talks about the passing, the physical passing of Rav Brandwein. The Rav writes "On the last afternoon I saw Rav Brandwein alive, his face literally shown as with the Light of the Sun In all the years I had known him, I had never seen him so radiant. I could feel in his presence, in the room around us, in everything we discussed, that he was ready to depart this world. When I think of Rav Brandwein's death, I am always reminded of Passover, since he left the world that he loved so much, in the season of this festive holiday. During the seven years I studied with Rav Brandwein, I spent every passover with him, and the year of his death was no different. That year he had arranged for the Seder to be held in the old city of Jerusalem I can recall walking in the winding streets of the ancient city with the calm anticipation I always felt before the Seder I imagened the Seder table and the burning candles the prayers we would say together as I knocked on the old door of the dinning room Rav Brandwein himself came out to greet me. I sensed he was well, yet his face was perfused with a kind, gentle light". The Rav continues to talking about that last Passover of Rav Brandwein's life. "Out on the streets there was the usual hussel and bussel of Jerusalem The young children, the shopkeepers, the tourists. This wonderful city distracted me from what I feared was coming I strolled down the narrow streets contemplating all that I've learnt from Rav Brandwein even imagining our future together, when he would recover. This was a vain hope of course. But I was not quite ready to face the truth. Then for some reason, I was seized with a terrible anxiety that a bomb was about to go off in the Jewish quarter. I must return, I said, I must get back as soon as possible There was no rhyme or reason, yet I was sure something terrible was about to happen to Rav Brandwein and that my only place was at his side. Though it had only been an hour since I had left, when I returned to his bedroom I found him in much worse condition. I had never seen him so weak or in such a state before And at the same time his face shown as with the light of the sun. I could feel that he was about to depart this world I pulled up a chair close to his bed and stroke his soft brow Though he was very weak and it was clearly difficult for him to speak we discussed many future events, things we had never before spoken of. At times I had to bend to hear his voice, yet his thoughts were as clear as ever, and he spoke with a gentle directness, wanting me to grasp everything he had to tell me. Finally, the doctor arrived, he said Rav Brandwein needed to go immediately to the hospital. Of course he did not want to. But we called the ambulance anyway. As it drove away, I wept, pleading with Rav Brandwein not to leave not to abandon me in the difficult period that I knew lay ahead, but it was to no avail, he had already decided to leave this world. The soul of my Righteous Teacher, and Rabbi departed on the afternoon that day in the middle of Chol Ha'Moed, the festive week of Passover So, tonight we connect to the great soul of Rav Brandwein We connect through him to the true purpose of his life of the Rav's life, of the Centre. Rav Brandwein taught the Rav and teaches us that we have the ability to truely transform our world to bring end to pain and suffering, and even death. Tonight, every single one of us has the ability to truely connect to that consciousness, so that our lives if not from before, at least from now on, will be dedicated to this one, singular goal.

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