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Sex in the City (2008)

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[jazz/scat music] Give me a kiss goodnight. It's the last 'single girl' kiss. The ultimate single gal, Carrie Bradshaw, will be married. to John James Preston come fall. (John) Shall we get you a diamond? No, just get me a really big closet. (Carrie narrating) After years of living in the city, I assumed that if my friends and I ever got our fairy tale endings, that would be the end of the story. Hello. Welcome home baby. I always knew she'd marry Big. You thought that after the second breakup? Yep. After the fifteenth? Uh-huh. We broke up a lot, (Carrie narrating) But real life.... (Carrie) Don't you want? (John) I want you, that's what I want. ...always has a twist. We've got a problem. ♪ I got the call today, I didn't want to hear, ♪ I can't believe I was running around NY thinking I was finally getting my happy ending. I let the wedding get bigger than big. Have you ever been a personal assistant? No. Why'd you move to NY? To fall in love. ♪ I've been trying to get down, to the heart of the matter, ♪ It didn't mean anything. It just happened once. I'm pregnant. Oh my god, whoo! You know me. I don't really believe in marriage. Now Botox, on the other hand, that works every time. I can't believe you're even dressing up. The only two choices for women are witch, and sexy kitten. Oh, you just said a mouthful there, sister. Jeez, honey, do you wax much? When you're married, you have a different set of priorities. This one's married, and she's not growing a national forest. (Carrie narrating) Life doesn't always turn out to be your fantasy.

That's why you need friendships that are real, to get you through it all. And Cinderella and the Prince lived happily ever after. You know things like this don't always happen in real life. I just think you should know that now. [Captions by]

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