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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~12:45:43 - 13:00:43

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Why are you like a crying baby? I am not hitting you. You are hitting yourself and all... Crying. Yes. A little ratty. Little. Closer. Sitting down, right, Zhanna? Yes. And how do they, if they sit down, then how do they... How... Dress up? ― There is no chair there, right? ― Right. Do it now. It's for Batman, not for you. Let little pretty rats live. We'll only kill bad ones. Oh! Who are you, Roma? This one. Robin you are, Roma, right? This is a good level. Good to fight, well somersaults, right? Last one. Oi! Where is he going? And now you are the main, right? Stupid. He cannot get up. All are nice! Except, except. Their soldiers. A black cat. Look, he yes! Who am I there? ― You. ― Robin. Already Batman you are. Oh here! And Zhan why aren't you playing? The batteries are dead. Oh? Yours too! Yours too, Roma? No, these here, these. Done, done, go charge them. Oh! Look, how we sat. Get out at all. Don't go outside at all. Huh! Walking! How did you walk? I didn't do anything, he did himself. All I did was press A, that is all. ― I am Robin. ― Look. You are Robin? Press this one. Oh! Why you going down? I don't know why die and die. We need to change the batteries on this. Show me what batteries you have? Oh holy smokes! Roma, show me what batteries you have? ― Shoot a ray. ― Shooting. My batteries are not down. Ah! You need to do something. Yes I can already do something. Argh! Roma, who are you? Robin now. Do you understand, your batteries are down. And mine are not. Press A. Hurry up now, my batteries are dying. I am Rob Batman. Me. They are bugging me already. How do you climb up there? Like this! We need to change batteries. Let them charge until the morning. ― The whole day, right? ― Huh? ― The whole day. A week. So that we can play for a long long long time. There will be a line up. I will play tennis anyways. Fed up with Batman? Yes. Vasya, make sure that Zhanna doesn't run out. And if she decides to come here, distract her there. Alright, will do. How to pull it out here? How to pull the joystick out? Zhan, get it out? Here! Oi, Zhan, look. Oh how do you do this? Look. And what do you press? Argh! I know how. Oh! Cool! No, I didn't collect anything. Take the disc out. You have pressed the wrong button, Romka. Ah why? Which disc should I pull out? Here. In turns, two times each. I will play two times and that's it. But in turns. Only if two times each. No, no, Roma. Who is pressing this? Yes. Ready. I won't play tennis. And boxing? No. Someone's batteries died. Yours. Up, first player, and you are second. Top place. Only don't choose my character. Mine. Phew, good, that's not mine. A and two. Me, me. I will correct it now. ― Argh. ― I will get it without your help. Why are the Americans walking here? To film me for a movie. ― What? ― To film for a movie. No one here is selecting a character. Show Andrey's one? I will selecet Andrey's Where do you select Andrey's on the map? Yes. No one ever selected him. Andrey selected his. One time, right? Two times. Now I will. How do you play with Andrey's? Just not mine, not mine. Here, Zhan, play now, I will run to the washroom. Then you give me! Aha! Vasya! Vasya! Vas? ― Vas? ― Yes? ― Turn it on there, somehow it became all black. ― Come on. One press, two press. Zhanna? Give me. I don't have it. I will play now. Because I gave it to you. I am not playing at all. So, who has the remote? Where did you put the remote, Zhanna? Rom, here! ― You have it, Roma, the remote? ― I need it, the batteries are dead. And where is yours, Zhanna? ― On the charger. ― Charging? Your batteries are down. That's why. Maybe you should watch something for now? Wait! ― Wait. ― Let's learn letters? ― Look. Easy, easy, stop dancing, stop dancing. He is dancing. I am dancing. What do you want to play? Tennis! Stop dancing, Rom. But stop dancing. But stop dancing. Stop dancing I said! Stop dancing. Stop dancing! That's how you should dance ― Ten! ― Done, your batteries are completely dead. Fascinating. Come on, watch something for now. Let's do this! Only not letters for sure! Letters! Oh, you are so tired already, huh? ― Letters! ― Woah! ― Where? I will do it myself! ― Here. ― What letter? ― This one we haven't watched! Oi! "L" we haven't seen! Easy, easy, don't shout, Roma. This first. ― But OK. ― This is "O". Sit down and repeat the words. I repeat! And I repeat! Why wouldn't we repeat? Zhanna? But stop dancing! There! This one. But we've watched this one. Easy, easy, easy guys. "R". "R" Arete. ― Raoushan G. ― Raoushan G. ― This we've already seen! ― Quiet, quiet. ― Arba. ― Arba. ― Karka. ― Karka. I said it first. Karra. Kraou. ― Ara. ― Ara. ― You know what we watched? ― "O". "O"? Argh! There is no "R"! This one we've seen, this seen, this seen. Click here.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 156
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 3, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 12:45-13:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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