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Glatað fé (Black sheep)

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Black sheep Iceland is a jar full of jewelery The mountains are it´s gold, and the glaciers it´s diamonds. There rivers are it´s pearls, and the geysers it´s crystals. You find jewelery in every part of this magnificent volcanic island. Wherever your eyes wonder, you can find masterpieces carved by mother nature. More contriversial country is hard to imagine. The summer nights are bright, and the winter days overwhelmingly dark. In this beautiful country lives a harmless nation. Quite small on a world scale, with 300.000 inhabitants. This tiny nation has three times had a girl winning the beauty contest Miss World. And has strong rams that have often won in "The world strongest man". It´s ancestors were the VIKINGS, which the world feared greatly. Icelanders are very proud of their heroes. This innocent nation has a handball team on a world scale, and was the first in the world to elect a female president. The Icelandic nation has extraordinary amount of creative thinking minds, and a very impressive musical culture. Yes, this nation has given birth to a lot of heroes. Lately a new type of heroes joint the rest. THE BLACK BANKER SHEEP!!! Rams that became rich in no time, one way or the ohter, soon became the owners of all the main banks in Iceland. They were crowned the kings of capitalism. Europeans started to invest their savings in these magnificent banks. The sky was their limit. Icelanders were quite happy. They were already the prettiest and strongest. And now also becoming the richest. They ignored the voices of their finest economists that told them that this could not end well. They were satisfied with their new jeeps and houses, that they got from these super banks in credit. They pretended like nothing was wrong. One dark autumn morning in September, the shock came.

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Duration: 8 minutes and 22 seconds
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Director: Katrin Brynja Valdimarsdottir
Views: 461
Posted by: katavald on Mar 2, 2010

Ironic documentary about the Icelandic crisis.
Language: Russian/subs:Icelandic

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