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Attachment to Body & Mind. Sadhguru

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what does it mean by saying this is the last life after this is moksh freedom, moksh means freedom or liberation what is the bondage? please understand that what is the bondage in your life body. what else? no those are secondary. only because you are attached to your body you are attached to somebody. please see that if you are not attached to this body you will not be attached to anybody. it's not possible only because of your attachment to this body you're getting attached to other bodies you say my family the only thing that you know actually about them is their body, please see because it's only from your attachment to your body that is happening you know a little bit of their emotion and thought but that is only in reflection of the body, please see. the fundamental is the body isn't it isn't it so? the most fundamental is body please see today the deepest attachment between people come in man woman relationship, isn't it? why? because of the body where bodies are touching has become the deepest attachment isn't it? this is simply because right now people are existing as body for them truly opening up to somebody means opening up the body nothing else because they cannot open up anywhere else. what else they can open? not really....mind is never open people are talking about open mind there is no such thing. mind is a closed end always they believe it's open for comforts sake tell me how will you open your mind tell me how will you open your mind how will you become silent? no. these are all ways of really closing your mind the people who believe they are very honest, very sincere, please see they are very closed in many ways the so-called good people they believe they are very open. they always claim I am an open book the thing is everything that they know, they've opened to others they don't know much about themselves they have not even opened the book to themselves how can they open it to somebody else? they've not even admitted fundamental facts about life with themselves whatever they have seen they have admitted to other people but they have not even admitted to themselves they can't believe when life really puts them in turmoil and they act in certain ways, good people are always shocked with themselves the so called bad person who is out on the street he has admitted it to himself okay all the nonsense that he is, he's admitted to himself he's not stupid enough to admit it to somebody else he's careful about that but the good person has not even admitted it to himself his own problems his own limitations so he thinks he's an open book the book is not even open to him where is the question of opening it to somebody there is no such thing as an open mind because mind is a closed possibility it is an accumulation, isn't it? what are you going to open in this what are you going to open in this? what is there to see anyway you have attached an enormous amount of importance to your mind, I know but please look at it sincerely what is there in your mind apart from what you gathered from outside what is there in your mind why should i look into your mind I can look around the world and I know what is there why should i look through the distortion of your mind, isn't it? tell me tell me one new idea no you're very mistaken electricity electricity was always there in your body every moment. your body does not move a limb without electricity. one heart beat does not happen without electricity if you had just looked in, you would know electricity very easily okay you are talking about internet internet has always been there for example I'm completely uneducated if you ask me, spiritually I have never read anything i have kept myself away from all scriptures always but never have i been ever put into a situation where i have to think what to do. i always know what to do because there is an internet of its own if you are open it's always available internet was always there, only now you are.. you know transmitting other kind of information on your internet otherwise internet has always been there much bigger than the net that you have everything that is worth knowing is right here it's all there you only just observed something and put it in a different application, thats all isn't it? your internet is not even bigger than your brain isn't it so? yes or no? so it is just a small replica of this isn't it just a different application for what was already there tell me what is one new idea you have had everything that creation has, you are just imitating in small ways that's all isn't it? yes or no? what is there in creation you are just imitating in little little ways it's fine it's good you are doing it but don't think you have invented ..created something new. no. you're just finding different applications for what was already there

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru discusses our attachment to the body and mind. (SaO33)

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