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How should I handle competition ethically? Sadhguru

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- - - An ethical matured human being an ethical human being is a very immature human being I want you to know this you're holding onto ethics because you have no consciousness ethics, you picked up from outside whatever your society, you religion, or your profession something there put down some rules maybe they are the norms with which one can function when they don't know how to function now for example let's say you are a Doctor there are the ethics of Hypocrites.You know that you must serve a person, it doesn't matter you are convenience or inconvenience, when somebody is ill when somebody's life is in danger you must go and do it If you go by this ethics yes you will go and do it but in the process you will become sick suppose you are a loving human being yoga means fundamentally today the modern science is proved to you beyond any doubt that the whole existence is one energy Isn't it? everything in this existence is one energy,manifesting itself in millions of forms or in other words this and this are same energy now that you're sitting here suppose for one moment actually you experienced within yourself that all the people sitting in this hall are actually a part of you let us you experience something like this, not thought actually you experience like you experience this ten fingers of your hand, you experienced all these people for a moment if you experience this people like this after that do I have to teach you morality and ethics don't harm this person don't kill this person and don't rob that person it person would it be needed Would it be needed? No so Yoga means just that that you experience everything is one, the word yoga comes from the word union where you see everything as one in your experience,because that is the reality only because you have gotten enslaved to the limited dimension of your mind everything is fragmented in the existence Only because you're right now you're basing all your experience through the sense perception which perceives everything in comparision if you want to compare you have to divide if you want to compare you have to divide you have fragment the world into a million pieces otherwise you cannot experience this is the way the sense of the sense perception because your perception is limited to sense organs you have fragmented the world into a million pieces otherwise you cannot experience it so the whole process of Yoga is to evolve beyond the sense perception so that you can experience the existence as one suppose you experience all these people as a part of you Do I have to teach you ethics? you will joyfully go and do what's needed and you will not become sick in the process.. Yes or No.... Yes So you're always trying to find poor substitutes for truth that's the biggest problem now to study in an university you don't have to compete with anybody if you're truly interested in knowing what you want to study you will study to the best of your ability. Isn't it? not because your friend is studying you want to know that's why you study when you study like this your study releases you when you study to get one mark more than your friend you're getting entangled and sick you are becoming you are actually becoming sick in the process. Isn't it? so to do what you want to do well you don't have to compete with anybody what is it that you want to do, throw your life and do it what has to happen will happen according to your abilities and your capabilities somebody is doing so much, if you try to do that you will go mad or if you compete it with somebody you also limit yourself, you never realize your full potential if somebody is a monkey you will become a little better monkey than him that's all you will not realize your full potential. Isn't it? you look into yourself what is it that you want to do offer your life to it and do it what has to happen will happen to the extent you're capabilities, your intelligence and abilities allow you. Isn't it? why are you working against somebody it's not necessary and stop achieving things in this world there is nothing to achieve do what you love to do with all your heart what has to happen will happen. Isn't it? - -

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru how he should handle competition ethically. Sadhguru explains that you're holding on to ethics because you have no consciousness. (SaO82)

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