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Wk 2 - Party Central Directors and Above Training

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Week Two of our Director and Above Training for Party Central. And today, guys, we're going to cover what happens if you missed last week, we're going to review some important information and then, one of the things I've seen the most often in the feedback is when you're dating a party, how to add the host, so we're going to go over how to date a party and how to add a guest as well. So let's get started. If you missed last week, no problems at all, we're posting all of these trainings in the training section at my.tupperware, so if you go to my.tupperware, click on training, then over on the left, you see that digital & social media support, if you click in there, you'll see Party Central Directors Week One, and so, that's where last week is, we're gonna post today there as well, and it's in English right now, we send it all off to get translated and once we get those translations we'll post those there as well. We'll go over really quickly the dates, right now we are in the phase where Directors and Above are in our playground for Party Central and then your teams and organizations will all be invited on July 26th into that playground and then in September we'll be doing our rollout, we'll start our rollout, and we'll be talking more about that as we get closer to it. Now, providing feedback is really important and we've created a website where you guys can go and tell us if you find something that is not quite working right or if you have a question or if you have a suggestion, and that's So definitely, if you have feedback, rather than calling customer care, because they're still learning the system themselves, go to this website, fill it out, and we're definitely checking that every few days and if we have any questions for you we can reach out to you, alright? The training schedule, today we're going to go over dating a party and adding guests. There will not be any training next Thursday because it's the day after a holiday here in the U.S., but we will continue with more training on July 12. We'll do orders, we'll talk about host and guest access and we'll close a party, OK? So let's get into Dating a Party. We're going to do the desktop version and then I'll show you the mobile version as well, we'll just do it step by step that way from the dashboard, this is the dashboard, remember, when we first log in at Party Central, that action button in the top right corner, when we click that, it pops down all of our options, so if I'm gonna date a party I'll click on New Party, and it pops out this little box and that box has very familiar information, it's the same info that we asked you for in My Sales Today, but it's a little different, the way we're asking you to enter in and fill out this, and I just want to go through that, because I know there's been a few people who are struggling with it. Remember we talked about in our intro, how important it is to keep customer information as accurate as possible, and we're going to ask you to enter this in differently here because we're trying to help you keep it accurate, alright? So the first thing we're going to do is, we're going to choose the time and the day, so you click on this little calendar at the top and then choose a time, right here at the top, you're gonna drop down the hour and the minute, and AM or PM, and then the next step, you're going to choose what day of the month, and you can forward the month as well if you want to, and then you click apply. And as soon as you do that it brings you back to that data party window and now it has the date and the time, and it asks for a party description so you type that in, and now this is where it gets a little different. When you go to Add the Host Name, as you type their name the system is going to look and see if it knows who you're typing, so if this is someone who's been a host before and you type in their name you're going to see a drop down that includes them, and if you see them then you're like "yes, there they are", you can just choose their name and it populates everything for you. If it's someone new, you need to click Add New Guest, that little Add New Guest that you see in blue underneath, you need to click that box to add them, and when you do it's going to change your screen a little, and it's going to ask you to put in the host email address, their first and last name and their phone number. And so you need to enter that there and click Save Contact, and once you've done that it'll bring you back to the Date a Party form with the host name, email address and phone number filled out, so don't try to enter all the information for your host here, on this form, it wont work, you need to click that Add New Host, OK? In order to get this information in there, really important stuff. Once you've done that, it'll ask you for the Host address, and you'll see here we've actually plugged-in Google, and as you start to type an address, it's going to drop down recommendations, this really helps to make sure that you're getting the address right. So you can choose, if you see what you're looking for, you can choose it there, if not you can just keep typing, and once you've added the address then you're going to choose what type of Party, is this just a traditional home party, or is it tupperconnect, and then the last thing you're gonna do is say where do you want the default Ship To for the order to be, just like you do today, is it gonna go to the Host or is it gonna come to you. So you choose that and now, from the desktop version you have two choices: if you hit Save and Continue it's going to save the party for you and then it's going to take you to the party summary. If you just click Save, it'll save the party but it'll leave you here on the dashboard. So it just depends on what it is that you need to do, if you're just dating it and you're ready to move on click Save, if you're ready to start adding guests, hit Save and Continue. So, we'll move on to the mobile version, it's very similar. The action button is in the bottom, right hand corner, instead of the top, and when we click it's going to pop those options up. We choose New Party, and there's that same form, and it works exactly the same way guys, you click on the time, you choose the time, choose the day, click Apply, and then it comes back and you're going to enter in your Host name, the same thing happens here, as you enter the Host name, you have to click that Add New Contact, if it's not someone who is already in and is appearing as an option, that comes over, you add the contact, click Save and then it brings you back, enter the address, everything looks the same here as it does on the desktop, what type of Party, where do I want it shipped, right? And then you click Save, because on your phone, that's the option you have there, it's just Save. So that's how to date a party, it's really easy, and I know that little step of adding a Guest or adding a Host name is a little different, but those are all the steps you need. Jermaine, do we have any questions there before we move on to Add Guests? Uh, yes, actually, so let me go back a little bit here, I've responded to some of these but I think for the benefit of everyone I'll share them. So, first, Kim asks: Will current customers in My Sales transfer over to the new system or will we have to put all of the information in? — Right. That's a really good question, Kim. The data that we have in My Sales is not very clean, because it was, like I said, it was 19 years ago that we built this, systems were a lot different, so we're not going to be able to move all of the information over from My Sales to Party Central, unfortunately, so... Sorry about that. So the trick for us is just identifying those legitimate customers. That is a great point Jermaine makes, if we are able to, there is going to be some data that is clean enough, I think probably from the last year and a half or so, when we've made some changes, we will move over some of them but it wont have everybody. Katrina asks: do you have to have the phone number and email in the system or can you skip that like we do now? That's another great question, so let's think about this for a second, guys, you cannot place an order online anywhere without an email address, it's just not something that you can do, and the new system that I talked about when we did our intro, and how cool it is, and how we can add so many things to it, that system actually requires that we have an email address for every customer. So email address is definitely required. Now, I know that we have some instances where we have maybe communities of people who wouldn't have an email address, and that is an issue that we're going to be addressing with senior management before we go live, so don't panic, but for most customers, yes, that email address is going to be required. OK, a question from Robin Sterman: if we do not have paper order forms are we able to view the completed orders immediately and will they always be there for us to view? Yes, Robin, great question, absolutely, you'll be able to see those orders, you can go into the search and you can search by party or you can search by customer, but when you go to your closed parties, it's going to have all of the orders in there as well, and when you click on that order, it'll pull up that confirmation for you, so yes, you'll have that history. Another really cool thing about this, guys, think about this, because we've entered in the email addresses for our guests, when you submit your party, and the orders are submitted to the system, each of those guests is going to get a confirmation email with their order, right? And then when the order ships they're going to get another one, and that's something that we can only do because we have their email address. OK, and another question from Kim: will we still be able to access old parties in the new system? You know what, Jermaine, I'm going to let you talk a little bit about that. Your parties in My Sales will remain in My Sales, we will not be carrying over your past parties and importing them into the new system, however, you will still have access to all of your parties, past orders, past parties, in My Sales. And just to add a level of convenience for you, we'll provide an easy link for you to get back to them, but we wont actually be storing that data in the new system. Awesome, thank you. And another, a new one just came in: some people don't want to give you their emails and many older customers do not get on the internet, so thus, no email. — Yeah, that's the same question, like I said, don't panic, we are going to be discussing this, and let's remember, most of the time, it should be your host asking their party attendees for their email address and not you. That should be a lot easier for them than a stranger asking for it. And then if you have guests at the party who are using their mobile devices, they're going to be entering in their email addresses anyway. So, I know that we do have some instances where this is going to be difficult, but don't panic, we're discussing it here. New question: will there be an option to export customer/host information into an Excel spreadsheet? So, at this time, there will not be a way to export that customer information, but one of the things that we are really concentrating on right now, because we are still in development, is how... the best way to give you guys a master view of all of your contacts, so, it's on the top of our list guys, we're definitely looking at this, and we do know that it's something that in the future you're going to want to do, so thanks for the question. Alright, so let's move on then and talk about adding guests. So, adding guests is an option for you, as part of Party Central you as the consultant can actually add the guests to the party in the party summary at Party Central. You don't have to, it's going to make things a lot easier for you when you go to Enter Orders, if you do add the guests, and of course you have that option to send email invitations if you do so, but I know not everyone is going to want to do this, so it's not required, it's just an option, but let me walk you through the steps. On the desktop I'll walk you through one way and through the mobile I'll show you another, but you can do both of these from both views. From the party summary you have these options across the top and the last option is Guests, and when you click on that it brings up this screen, which shows you the RSVP status, and then you have this Add Guest button over on the right. So if I click that Add Guest button it pops up a little screen that gives me a place to enter in my guest email address, their name and their phone number, and so you enter in their information there, you click Save Guests, if you want to close any window by the way, guys, there's that little X on the right hand side. So you enter in their information, you click Save Guests, and once you've entered everyone in, all of your guests actually appear on this page, and from this page is where you'll be able to send the email invitation, and I wont go over that with you today because we don't have the emails turned on right now, in Party Demo, in the Playground, but we will go over this later in training. From the mobile view I'll show you the other way, which is, I'm on the Party Summary page, I can just click on that action button, that blue action button, and it pops up my options and one of them there is Add Guests, so I click on Add Guests, that same little box pops up that we saw on the desktop version, I enter in the email, the name, the phone number, I have that X if I want to close out of there without doing anything, or I click Save Guests if I want to save them, and then I arrive here at this list, of all of my guests. And again that is where I would be able to send email invitations if I wanted to do so. And if I have all of these guests in here, guys, that means when I go to Add Orders later, and we're going to go over that in a couple of weeks, all of their names are already there, and you just get to click on them and you don't have to add them at that time, so it just makes it a little quicker. So that is Add Guests, do we have any questions there, Jermaine? Kimberly asks if hosts will be able to add guests. So with Party Central, with the regular, traditional home party, no, a host cannot add a guest. With TupperConnect, yes, but not without tupperconnect. That's it? Alright, well, that's awesome guys, thank you so much for joining us. Have a great week off of training from me next week, and join us on July 12 at noon for the completion of our training. Well, I don't know, we might actually have training the next week too, but join us two weeks from today, July 12 at noon, for more training. Again, thanks for hanging out, and have fun playing in the Playground. Bye!

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Wk 2 - Party Central Directors and Above Training

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