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What is Enlightenment? Sadhguru

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what is enlightment?if whatever i say you tend to misunderstand,whatever i say you are bound to misunderstand but let me see how to create minimum amount of misunderstanding.This is the reason why most enlightment beings never spoke because the moment you speak you are bound to be misunderstood.Thats the reason i dont speak about any other dimension of life,i am only talking about methods,when you get there you ll know. Now you want to see Newyork city if i go on talking about newyork city you still dont know so i am just trying to build a car for you, you get in and go there when you go there you ll know what it is? till then whatever i speak you are bound to persume it in all kinds of ways.Everything that you understand you always understand it already from what you know thats the basis of your understanding.That undersatnding is of no consequence when we are talking about a completly different dimension of life.Now what enlightment means for you would be,suppose you are here,you are here right now, you are in the body but you dont belong to the body,you have a mind but you dont belong to the mind,you have a family but you dont belong to the family you are in the world but you dont belong to the world but at the same time everything is apart of you,you are not in conflict with anything,everything is apart of you but you yourself dont belong to anything.How would it be?you cannot imagine is'nt it?so in tremsof your experience how would it be? Suppose you spent a lifetime without ever knowing whats fear,whats anger,whats jealousy,whats hatered,whats anxioty,you are blissfull all the time, you are intoxicated all the time at the sametime you are fully alert,how would it be,did you ever get drunk?no..ok, all the time you get drunk but all the time you are fully wide awake and alert,even if you fall asleep you are wide awake,but even if you are awake you are still in deep sleep,i am making some sense to you?no. So enlightment means you have broken the barriors of the physical,the limitations the physical has impossed upon you, you have broken that,now dont seek enlightment right now because for most people or for 90% of the people who reached that stage the moment of enlgihtment and moment of leaving the body are same.Once your energies reach such a peak you cant hold on to the body you ll drop the body anyway.So moment of enlightment and moment of leaving the body are same for most people,only somebody who knows the tricks of the body who understands the mechanics of the body can hold on to it otherwise they have to apply somethingelse to hold on to it because most people who attain have not gone into that kind of sadhana.They are only learning to drive the car they are not learning to how to build the car,so they cannot retain the body they will have to play various dramas to hold on to the system.For example you have heard of Ramakrishana pramahamsa,Ramakrishana is an uneducated man thats the advantage he had,no influence of education on him,hes like a village pumpkin but a crystallised consiouseness,hes very simple,hes very significant for united states because the first yogi who came to united states 1895 he came to chicago ok .. 93 ,1893 swami vivekanandha landed up in chicago see he came here looking for you and another yogi who really made some impact in country he was Pramahamsayoganandha he also is a disciple of ramakrishanas disciple both of them have the same leneage of ramakrishna paramahamsa and both them came to united states.So ramakrishana was God like,people saw him god like, they worshipped him as GOD, very simple man like a villager he is,he has no education,no sophistication simple but he is GOD like people could not miss his divinity,but he was mad about food,crazy about food you know.He is talking to a group of people his disciples halfway he says please wait i will come he will run into his kitchen and ask his wife whats cooking today?Sharadha his wife was ashamed of this,how can you be like this people see you GOD like and you are mad about food even i am not bothered about food why are you bothered about food and ramakrishan said thats ok whats cooking?One day she got really angry with him and she said i am ashamed i am just ashamed of the way you are, people are worshipping you like god and you are mad about food that day he told her oneday when you bring the thali, thali means in india that part of the country its a large plate,in india people eat in such big plate,a large plate where food is prearranged and brought.Rmakrishana always sat on swing that is also a unique thing for india probably we have swings which are like eight feet long you can even sleep on it you know,he always eat on it on the swing.One day when you bring the food thali to me if i look away if i dont show any interest in the food you must know that there are only three more days left.This happened seven years after this incident one day she brought the thali and he looked away then she immediatly knew she broke down and cried he said now no point crying time is up he just used a consiouse desire for the food as a way to hold on to his body.He doesnt know anyother systems of yoga to hold on so a simple method he created a consious desire for food all the time,everything else is been lost because without desire you cannot exist in the body,everything else is been gone now everyday theres a consious desire,everyday he is conciously thinking about food all the time just to keep himself in the system.This kind of conciouse desire you can drop it anytime, when you feel its done you can just drop moment of enlightment and moment of leaving will be same so thats why we work people upto a certain point and take them dowm there as the last step,so that they sreve their natural course of life in a very beautiful way and when the time comes we can release them from that,it ll be nice to send them right now but it ll be nice to have evolved people on the planet

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru what enlightenment is. Sadhguru discusses various aspects of what it means to be enlightened. (SaO80)

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