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Are you ready? What was the first thing you thought about Norway? Guys in Norway want women to make a move. Great. 中文 What? And I was really surprised Norway doesn't have bubble tea. My favorite color is orange because it's the color of the sunset. Do you believe in rainbow power? Yes. Now, why is the water in Norway so clean? Because everybody is smiling and walking on their feet. Not everybody, no. Yeah, alright. Wait. What are you waiting for? I don't know. What am I waiting for? For life. Are you filming or are you taking a picture? You are recording. Tell me which Norwegian novel you've read today. I don't know, I can't think of anything. Start with a little bit about the author, a little bit about the plot and then give me your analysis. It's so hard. Oh, this is notoriously hard, like, challenge accepted. Okay. Ahmm... Okay. Jeg elsker ... 中文 Everything was in Norwegian. Norwegian, Norwegian, Swedish and Polish. So, yay. What's a question? To ask. Hmm... Question? Question will be... About what? I don't know. What is my favorite dance move? Check it out. What's your favorite song to whistle? No, what are you doing? Stop it. Well done. Thank you so much. Does a cacapoo pee standing up or standing on a tree? W-w-what should I say, wait. Relax. A potato is running in the woods? Let me get some shoes. Why? To walk on the water. If so, you should take a boat. How many trees are in Blindern? Do you have any obsessions? I love to be whipped. Oh, my. I am really looking forward to the hot tubs. Why has faith in God diminished so much? Because my gal is the prettiest. Because live for your die, you know what I'm saying? World peace, love and prosperity.

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Posted by: dobravoda on Feb 24, 2018

Camera: Sofia Mondini, Olivera Pavlovic
Music: Arcade Fire - Everything now

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