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Add Twitter Updates to Your Sidebar: Self-Hosted Edition

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If you'd like to add your latest Twitter updates to your self-hosted WordPress blog, this tutorial will show you one way how. First of all, head to the Plugins menu and go to Add New. You're then going to want to run a search for "Wickett Twitter"— that's with two T's—and then run a search. Once you see that, scroll on over here to Install and click on the Install Now button. Next step: click on Activate Plugin and when that's been activated, you'll now find that you can use an extra widget in your widget selection, so head to Appearance » Widgets, and then added to the selection you'll now see that there's one for Twitter. So now, all I need to do is drag this into one or more of my sidebars, because I can actually show the results from more than one Twitter account. So I'm going to drop this here in my main sidebar and then give it a title. In this case, I'm going to call it "My latest tweets". Put in your Twitter username, and then you can decide to show either your— just your latest one, or anything up to twenty of your latest tweets. I'm going to just stick with the default five. You can also choose to hide replies: those "@username" replies to other people, if you just want to show the non-reply content. I'm going to leave that as it is, and then finally there's the option to show a little bit of text between the body of your tweet and the timestamp that follows it. So for instance, I'm just going to write down here "space – tweeted" and you'll see the results when we take a look at the live web site. So I've saved that up, and now let's have a look. Over here on the right in my sidebar, I've got my latest tweets, all of the information, and then after the body, I've got this word "tweeted" which I added—which is not necessary. Finally, there's the timestamps, so if I click on that, that will take me to Twitter. And that's it; all set up.

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Language: English
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Posted by: wordpresstv on Jul 25, 2009

In this short video for self-hosted WordPress blogs, we walk you through the process of adding Twitter updates to the sidebar of your widget-enabled theme, using the Wickett Twitter plugin

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