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Versature Hosted PBX Explained

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These days, thriving businesses are in a constant state of transition. If you are not moving forward, you are falling behind, right? Let me introduce you to Bill. Like you, he is part of a growing successful business and he needs a top-of-the-line phone system to keep it that way. But Bill is tight on time, so he skips the research and picks the first system he finds from a reseller. when his local telephone company asks him how many lines he would like to purchase, Bill tries to predict the future. Underestimating means his customers will be put off by busy signals, overestimating means he will be wasting money. Bill has other problems, too, like the cost of up-front equipment and annual maintenance fees. Plus his remote workers and road warriors need to be connected at all times. And every time the company expands, Bill does it all over again, using different vendors in different cities, which means the offices aren't connected. The firm's accountant Sue is not happy. Are they being over billed? She thinks so, but with so much paperwork, how can she be sure? When Bill's company outgrows its headquarters, the thought of moving is too much for Bill to bear–he decides it is time for early retirement. Hold on a second, Bill! What if we told you there was a better way? Let's try this again. This time, Bill contacts Versature. Versature doesn't ask Bill to buy expensive hardware or make guesses about the future requirements he is going to have, or sign some kind of rigid contract. Instead, they let Bill explain what he needs! With Versature's Hosted PBX, Bill's colleagues now have access to an innovative phone system from their office or on the road. Bill no longer worries about too few, or too many phone lines, because Versature scales its services as the company grows. Best of all, when Bill's company moves to a larger headquarters, he simply plugs in his Versature phones and he's back in business. Instead of retiring, Bill takes a much-deserved vacation. And when a client calls Bill's office number, he can take the call poolside, or not. At Versature we see companies like Bill's every day: fast-growing, risk-taking success stories. We relate to those businesses because we're cut from the same cloth. From our offices in Ottawa, we've grown a thousand percent in the last five years. Picking up some cool hardware along the way. Let us provide you with tools you need to evolve from an underdog to a national success story. Versature.

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Posted by: carbon60 on May 29, 2015

Versature Hosted PBX explained.

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