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Sraddhalu Ranade - Two Faces of Religion

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globaloneness project Two Faces of Religion Every religion has two components. There is a component which is made of external forms, rituals, historical forms and social tendencies of the time of the origin of the religion. [Sraddhalu Ranade So Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, I] And then there is a second component which is a deeper, spiritual or mystical experience. And these two go side by side. Between the two, that which makes the religion resistant to change, and even a cause of conflict, is the first, which is the forms of the religion. That which makes the religion a means of growth and a source of harmony is the deeper, spiritual component. So the present crisis of religions, where even some of the forms of religion have become irrelevant or are being abandoned by the mass of humanity, is really the need to consciously shift to this deeper core of the religion and maybe from there, even express it in new forms. Because the spiritual truth is not bound to the form of its expression. It can express itself in many ways. And in a way, the clash between religions fighting each other politically, and even with arms, is the method used by nature to break its rigid outer crust--to expose its deeper, universal truths, because at the level of its spiritual experience, it has universal truths. If each religion were to introspect and identify its core principles and experience, and affirm that over the forms, then you would find a natural harmony emerging between them. Because every religion has emphasized an aspect of the spiritual experience--of the unitive experience. And therefore, in a sense, they can also be seen as complementary. So the introspection of each religion is a necessity today. We cannot create a kind of a mish-mash of religions and say, "Oh, we'll create a global religion." That won't work, because then we'll just create a mix of forms. We cannot respect other religions purely in terms of its form, we can only respect them in terms of their essence. So this shift to recognizing religions, even in terms of their essential message and experience, that also will make a huge difference. I've seen in most teaching of religion in schools or in religious dialogues, the emphasis is on forms always. Not on this entirety of the experience of the message. That needs to be brought back.

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