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The design of - Prayer

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Prayer - The Design of Prayer This is the design of prayer, communicating about prayer let's look at prayer the following way: human beings sit on their knees- and they pray now, it's interesting because this position of prayer is refer to as a bowing down and worshiping a statement of: I am inferior, I am unworthy, I am unable I cannot do anything, I cannot change anything, I am helpless, I am hopeless someone out there please help me, someone out there please save me I cannot do this alone, I need help, I need saving I need rescuing someone hear me please! please someone here I am, I am on my knees! I am sitting here and I am praying look at me, so fervently! with such faith! and hope and believe I'm sitting here right now, please, I am unworthy you! whoever is out there must please do this, for me! I don't want to do it, I don't want to take responsibility someone else must do it, someone else must take responsibility oh I am your servant I am a slave, I am a obedient slave sitting here with hope and faith and I am waiting, I am on my knees and I am waiting where are you! human beings the words I have just expressed in terms of the position of prayer is what the construct of prayer consist of and that position of prayer especially the hands right in front of the oneness connection usually even here (face) forward point like a, like a pillar, in the center you place here like the- you shall not pass construct you are not allowing yourself to open yourself and say: I am here! this is who I am, I am standing up, I am taking responsibility for myself I realize that I am responsible for myself I realize that there is no one that is going to come and save me I realize that there is no one going to come and help me I realize that there is no one is going to come and rescue me I have to do this for myself, I! have to physically stand up and do this for myself human beings, prayer is a construct that supports human beings to not stand up and take responsibility for themselves because they sit there, on their knees holding their hands in their I am a unworthy hopeless helpless, pitiful human being who can apparently not stand up and take responsibility for myself I need someone else to do it for me! because I'm not going to do it please I am not responsible for anything in this world, man god is please human beings hear me you are- alone you want to sort out this world? you stop your mind prayer- is a manifestation of human beings who are so ashamed of themselves at what they have accepted and allowed in this world that they are refusing to face themselves and stand up and take responsibility for their own mind but how is prayer able to be used constructively? within yourself you make statement of self I am- responsibility now, you live that responsibility don't just pray and not do anything about it what are prayer but statements of self I am responsible so now, you make the statement I am responsible now you live that I am responsible statement to yourself human beings it is always, always, always the starting point there is nothing wrong, or bad in anything in this world what does make the difference is your starting point so have a look- prayer for instance your starting point is you, statements of you: I am responsible then you live that responsibility I am responsible, and you apply and express that in every moment what would that responsibility be for instance you know you're not your mind you stop those thoughts, you apply self-forgiveness and you apply self-honesty that's taking responsibility for yourself so you make the statement and you live the statement don't just speak, that is useless you make statements you live them otherwise, it's useless being in the process in the first place it's becoming the living word you have been speaking and babbling becoming babbling fools with verbal diarrhea for long enough speak statement of who you are and live in thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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