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Cad é RSS agus conas atá sé úsáideach?

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"Really Simple Syndication" is a means of subscribing to websites What do I mean? Well, let's have a look at two different ways that we can surf the net! This is what people usually do When they want to check out a web page, they type the address into the browser or they click it in their bookmarks. They wait to see if there have been any updates. This is inefficient, and it's like travelling across a city to get a single magazine, when you really want to read several It's a lot of work each time and you might miss something if you leave a website for a while. If you're lucky, there will be an update and you can read it. But usually, you go to all that trouble and there's nothing new! If you keep doing this, you'll waste a lot of time and that's just annoying! This is why RSS can be so useful! Do you recognize this symbol? It is seen in many shapes and sizes and is on almost every web site. You may have seen it without paying much attention to it. When you put an RSS feed in an RSS erader, all updates from each site can be read in a single place. There are a lot of RSS readers available, and you might already have one in your browser or e-mail program! Let me give you an example of how convenient RSS can be! Let's say that I spend time on the following sites every day: facebook - to see my friends' status updates an interesting blog, a news site and searches in Craigslist and in Google If I went to each site individually, there might be nothing new there But there is an RSS feed for each of those pages. So, I'll put them into my favourite RSS reader; Google Reader Now, I have all of my updates in just a single place! I won't waste much time and every update is stored until it's read RSS is on so many pages and it's a much better way to surf the net If you liked this video, don't forget to subscribe to my blog's RSS feed! Good luck!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 13 seconds
Country: Argentina
Language: Irish
Producer: Breandán Ó Laobhais
Director: Breandán Ó Laobhais
Views: 2,099
Posted by: irishpolyglot on Mar 12, 2009

Ar chuir tú ceist ort roimh, cad é mar a liostáil ar láithreáin? An bhfaca tú an tsiombail RSS agus níl a fhios agat cad é sin?
Tá RSS i mbeagnach gach áit ar an Idirlíon ach níl a fhios ag a lán daoine cad é an rud. Sa físeán seo, míníonn mé é agus mé ag rith tríd Buenos Aires.
Seo cúpla nasc nuair a mbeidh an físeán amharctha agat: "Cad é Google Reader" , na Google Alerts (fothaí RSS den chuardach Google) agus ní chaithfidh tú ach an tsiombail RSS a aimsigh ar gach suíomh Gréasáin chun é a liostáil. Fág trácht at mo bhlag ar más maith leat an físeán agus ná déan dearmad liostáil go fotha RSS mo bhlag!

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