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C2L8 Basketball Bounce

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Well this entire month is about the figure 8 so, lets do some more drills off court. This is the one racket basketball bounce. As you can see you take one racket here and as Paul sways from side to side continuously in that figure 8, almost an undetectable figure 8 though. You can see how he weights and un-weights his two feet. See how his racket stays continuous as well. The racket never stops. It goes from forehand to backhand. Lets take a look at this in slow motion. The keys to this drill are simple. You start by hitting in the center of your body. See that the ball lands between Paul's two feet and he tries to keep it right there. Some place in between the two feet. The other thing is don't try to hit the ball with your racket rather move your body from side to side, weighting and un-weighting the feet and let the racket stay in this continuous figure 8 being dragged into the hit by the body or by the hips specifically. So this is a great drill, look at Paul's left hand see its out there purposefully to keep some balance going. Try it with one racket. If you get a handle on this give the two racket basketball bounce a try. See me here I have a racket in each hand and its the same thing I am not really swinging at the ball with my rackets I am letting the ball rise up to my racket and then I am sort of shifting my weight through my hips from side to side. I keep trying to put that ball pretty close to between my feet. You will see once in awhile you will see my heel come up. I am just shifting my hips from side to side in a very small but continuous figure 8 form. So these are great drills to connect your lower body to your upper body. They help your game immensely, once you have this connection down once you have your figure 8 and you understand how it relates to your arms and rackets. It helps with literally every shot in the game from serves to groundy's to volleys. So give these two drills a shot and have your students do the same. I assure you will be a real swordsman. So Good Luck!

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 5, 2014

Body coordination and ambidexterity are keys to athleticism. And a better athlete makes a better tennis player.

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