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Every time we open our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube feeds, we find a video of someone trying to sell us something. We can be ourselves, right? If I have to sell something, I probably make a sales video. What's interesting though, is that, nowadays, sales video are the standard way to sell anything, from a camera to a car, or skyscraper, or whatever. In terms of communication, I think it's interesting to try and understand how these videos are structured, what contents and specific scheme is used to make a video like this. We've already talked about it in the past, but, today, I'd like to summarize a technique used by Frank Kern, a renown and very controversial Internet marketer, quite honestly, the otherwise young people listening may remember him and the current technique, which is copied by many worldwide, he adopts in his Facebook videos. It can be useful if used ethically, if used to promote a product that is obviously valid, or even as "self-defense" to understand which triggers are leveraged to sell us something. First, a presentation video is based on six main concepts that must be kept in mind and which must integrated in the video, and using the words that must be said. The first concept is: what is the product you'll ultimately sell, obviously. The second is: who is the potential customer, quite obviously. The third concept is: what main benefit is your potential customer seeking? Fourth: what is the main frustration. 5th, and very important: which emotions are associated with the benefit or frustration? And, 6th: what must I show you to make sure you want to do business with me? So, this is practically the general framework of a sales video. Let's see a fictitious and imaginary example, such as Superman who wants to sell a cloak. That's all I could come up with, but let's imagine he wants to make his video on Instagram. At this point, he must make a pitch. What does he say? In short, if our friend Superman had to make a video like this, he would set it up like this. Number 1: 10 seconds of so-called seeding, that could more or less work like this. "Hi everyone, I'm Superman and I've been catching bad guys for 250 years." Second passage, an introduction to the problem or opportunity. Superman could say something like: in the last two years, cops worldwide continue to call me because it's always tougher to get the bad guys. Passage number 3, emotions associated to this frustration: police stations worldwide are always more and more pissed off, embarrassed, because the public opinion says: there, you see, you don't catch bad guys anymore. And, this generates problems we understand, therefore a level of empathy, and strategically placed punch lines to create empathy with the person listening. Passage number 4: it's time to play your card and to pass on the message you want to convey. Our friend Superman would say: in my opinion, what works really well nowadays is the "catch bad guys" cloak. Or something like that. Immediately followed by point number 5, that of creating a story connected to the main concept. Superman says: I discovered the power of the "catch bad guys" cloak at a time when I was following a thief and stumbled. My cloak turned around, I fell, and it captured the thief, trapping him inside it. Incredible! I couldn't believe it, but that's how I discovered the power of the "catch bad guys" cloak. Passage number 6: the good seller or showman, then gives you something you can use at home, handing out a result in advance and creating credibility between you and him. Superman would say: "Look, next time, if you're a cop, bring a beautiful cloak with you and when you see a thief, throw the cloak at him. You'll see how it works! This never works, but this is more or less the concept. Last point of this wonderful sales video in which Superman sells cloaks to cops worldwide, is the conclusion. There are two types of sellers: the aggressive one who concludes with the call to action, saying: "Well, if you also want to catch bad guys with the most beautiful cloaks in the world, click on, or whatever, "and buy it now at a 20% discount." A second type of seller and showman, however, sells you something in a more passive and relaxed way, limiting himself to saying something like: "Look, if you liked this video, share it, good luck." That's it. Personally, I don't know about you, but I'm more like the second type. If I have to make a video or presentation to sell something to you, I really don't feel right saying: "Go, buy, buy," it's not something I like to do. However, there are 2 different Types. This was a synthesized scheme. let me know if you like it, share it, if you need that stuff. Objectively, I repeat, it can be useful if used ethically, if used as an antidote with respect to one who wants to sell us something, so to understand how he managed to swindle us, but, generally, it can be another type of scheme for the next time you want to present something to someone. The presentation is crucial, as says Nancy Duarte, a renown presentation author and coach: "A truly valid presentation gives wings to intelligent ideas."

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Se devi vendere qualcosa, usa questa scaletta

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