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The Passover Seder...With the Four Sons!

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Karpas, baytzo, zro’a, charoset, maror... And of course, matza! Aren't I wise? I know all about Passover We were slaves in Egypt then Moses got up in Pharaoh's face with frogs and locusts, all Let My People Go, and then Pharaoh was like, Yo, enough already, geddoudahere! To honor my parents, I'll ask a question at the seder tonight. What is the meaning of all of this? Of all the commandments and laws and traditions that God commanded you? After all…I am the wise son. I wanna know! Oh, please, Mr. Wiseguy. Lighten up. He drives our parents craaaa-zy. I can't believe we're still doing this. I mean, hello, Pharoahs? They don't exist anymore. (ba da da da) Movement of the people. (da da da da) We're free! Why do we need to sit around for a zillion hours every year talking about it? Mom? Dad? Aunt Ruth? What’s the meaning of all this seder stuff to you? I can't believe he would say such a thing! How pompous! Look who's calling me pompous! If you were in Egypt, God wouldn't have freed you. Well, if you were in Egypt, everyone would've been so bored of you that they would've thrown you over into the Nile. Why, you little…. Hey guys? What’s this? The Passover Seder plate, you blithering simpleton! You wouldn't understand. It's very wise. What do you do at a Passover seder? Pretty much? You starve for a long time and then, finally, you get to have matzo ball soup. We read together from this book that tells of our departure from the land of Egypt! There are all these arguments in there. Like some people think there were ten plagues, and some people think there were 40, and some people think there were 50. Disagreeing is part of the learning. They're all different ways to add up the same thing. So? They still argue about it. That's my favorite part. Oh! This is the holiday where we eat all those special foods. Duh. That's every holiday. It's not about the eating. It's about the symbols. The charoset is a tasty way to remember the bricks and cement our ancestors mixed! The bitter herbs are about Bitterness? Oh my stars and garters. Well, he's right. I like eating. It means we're free. I suppose that is a sign of freedom sitting around and enjoying a meal with the family. And showing off with the questions we ask. Hey, what about Junior? Uh, dudes? Is it another holiday already? Whoa. I can’t believe he even came tonight. Yeah, he never shows up. (Jealous….) I bet he doesn't even know how to ask a question. Why don’t we show him? You could ask, why is this night different from all other nights? Or, how can we sit here and celebrate freedom while there is still slavery and suffering in the world? Or, where’s the challah? How about, “Why don’t we have any sisters?”

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Posted by: sarahlefton on Mar 31, 2010

Passover is full of stories, and we've decided to bring to life the Haggadah's famous tale of the Four Sons.

These four characters - wise, wicked, simple and the one who doesn't know how to ask questions - can be found all over the world, but we've set their story in Moscow.

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