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rav berg bamidbar 1987 clip edited 2017

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In chapter two, we read "and the Lord spoke unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying the children of Israel shall pitch by their father's houses; every man with his own standard, according to the ensigns; a good way off shall they pitch round about the tent of meeting". and I'm sure everybody present in this room understood every word perfectly. Not only, you understood every word perfectly, but you even capture the full significance of the meanings of theses verses. Well, then you're better than I am, because I didn't catch a word of it. Says a man with his flag and what is the significance of a flag? well, we know all countries of the world display a flag cities display flags where did the custom come from? and furthermore, what does it indicate? if nothing more, this is what represents. then why is in a form of a flag? The next word, which seems to have no meaning whatsoever or any connection, is the word "ot" and forgetting about the translation, but "ot" means signs and then, the next two words is the "(hebrew)" to your father's house. Now, for someone who's involve in astrology at least, the second two words will have a great deal of significance. You know about houses in charts, you know about signs of the zodiac and so, once you immediately translate correctly we are not corrupting the word because "ot" means signs. and "(hebrew)" .. your father's house meaning houses as there are houses in the study of astrology, and furthermore, this word "ot" is also mentioned in the Torah for the very first time in the fourth day of Genesis 1 where there is a discussion of the sun, the moon and the "ot" meaning signs of the Zodiac. Consequently, what this Parashat which as I say appears to be very insignificant only because there are so little commentaries on this particular section of the Torah and it was really left to the Kabbalist or more specifically Rabbi Shimon to decipher the internal meaning and consequently to provide us with further knowledge by which we can not only access into the awesome power of the cosmos but maybe even begin to understand all that is around us, to understand how I can become master over my own destiny. and this is really what this entire section is about and then it goes on to say and state and I'm not going to use the translation because that would confuse us, but literally what the words of the Bible is "(Hebrew)" "and that the flag of the camp of Yehuda would go first and that he would be accompany by two other tribes". What that obviously means from a Kabbalistic point of view we know what "mizrah" means, it's a code word, it means the east. The word "mizrah" will never lose its meaning and that is why the Zohar takes the word "mizrah", which means east and deciphers it as a code word for the air sign "(Hebrew)" the air sign Meaning that the dominant sign the dominant sign in air sign is "Yehuda". whatever "Yehuda" means but in any event when we discuss tribes, we are not discussing people merely as another congregation of people, neither is the Bible concern with the tribes of people what they were called, but rather it is a totally coded message, to provide us with information on the formation of the cosmos, the formation of the signs and how and when you can get a handle on this information you then are no longer subjected to the reading of a map of your own destiny by an astrological chart but you rise above these signs, you rise above these influences and you now become a master of your own destiny.

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