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China ultimate fake: IKEA lookalike store at China

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It seems like no popular Western brand is safe from sophisticated Chinese counterfeiters these days. We recently told you about a fake Apple Store in Kunming City. And it turns out even furniture giant, IKEA, got the copycat treatment. This 10,000 square metre store in China’s Kunming City, could make Swedish furniture giant IKEA do a double take. ’11 Furniture’ is a dead ringer for the Swedish retailer, from its signature blue and yellow colour scheme, to its mock-up rooms, signage, and miniature pencils. It even has an IKEA-like in-store café though it has substituted meatballs for Chinese minced pork. Experts say the copycat store is part of a new wave of piracy sweeping through China. No longer content with just fake goods, counterfeiters are going all out to replicate the look, feel and service of successful Western brands. Just last month, an elaborate fake Apple store was discovered also in Kunming. It sold genuine but unauthorized Apple products. ‘Just about every foreign brand that has ever come here, has been faked, or what we are seeing with the Apple and the IKEA store is that they are ‘lookie-likies’, they are not actually fakes. The guy who is selling Apples, out of what looks like an Apple store, they are actually Apple computers, they are not fake computers. It’s a little bit different to fakes.’ IKEA’s China office says protecting its intellectual property rights is crucial. But the presence of these fake stores is a reminder that Western companies have not expanded fast enough in smaller, inland cities. Buoyed by weak intellectual property laws that allow these so-called retail hijackers to swoop in to tap middle-class China’s growing demand for brand-name products.

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Posted by: vecttra on Mar 1, 2012

The presence of the imitation stores in Kunming highlights China's appetite for western brands.

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