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Vivre en intégrité avec Ren Hurst: Incapacité acquise (sous-titres français)

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New World Sanctuary ... In a world where conformity rules ... One woman ... ... looked within ... ... and found herself ... ... ... ... A woman who became a trailblazer. ... ... Living in integrity with Ren Hurst Hi, Ren here, i'm the author of Riding on the Power of Others and i'm at the New World Sanctuary Foundation and this is probably the 4th video that i've made and today i just want to talk to you a little bit about learned helplessness and how it relates to some of the topics i've already covered. A lot of people don't realize what's possible when you stop controlling horses. And by control i don't just mean the obvious forcing them to do things. I mean the very subtle things we do like halter them every day, the way we micromanage their living areas and the way they're just expected to fall in line and do what they're conditioned to do on a daily basis. And unfortunately because they're in our control, if you exercise even these subtle forms of control, -this is Badaboom crying that you hear- they get to a place where they don't really realize they have much of a voice in their situation. This isn't that much different than a lot of people in society today, so it's really hard to recognize conditioning in an animal if you yourself are a product of conditioned society which brings me to talk about why this work is so important. By freeing up these horses, i've liberated myself to be a free thinker and challenge the norms and that's one of the gifts that this work has to offer. But, i learned helplessness is a real thing. When we're constantly controlled in subtle ways, it keeps us less intelligent than we're capable of being, so sadly to say, most horses you've met that are conditioned with management and halters ans any sort of control devices, even treats, they're not operating at the same level of awareness and intelligence that a free animal is. You can't just have a conversation, you can't just say: "Hey, i don't really want you to stand that close to me" or "Hey, please don't bite me or be aware of your surroundings" you have to rely on training methods and really ridiculous things that aren't necessary when you can just have a conversation. And i'm not saying necessarily that they understand the exact words even though i think a lot of them do to a great extent but if i don't like something that one of the horses do, i don't judge them, i just say "Hey, that's not really cool for me" or just something like that and energetically they understand what i mean because they are aware enough to pay attention to what i'm putting out when i say it. With a typically conditioned horse, you don't really have that, you have to teach them all sorts of ways to just respond to specific stimuli. It's so much easier just to have a conversation and, see this cat and this horse have this conversation all the time. Right now, the cat is biting me because he wants attention-Badaboom, knock it off- And that's all you gotta do and that's how they talk to each other when they're not fighting for survival. And they taught me a lot about this. One of the greatest reward for removing control from the horses lives is that they've become so easy to take care of. I can walk out here and ask any one of these guys if i can trim their feet and they just stand there and let me and hand me their hooves and as a professional trimmer, the contrast is, it's so difficult because when i'm out trimming on a schedule and having to put horses in cross ties or have their owners hold them on the halter just because that horse isn't aware of a different reality, it's so hard to continue doing any of that when i can come home and trim any one of the 19 horses here in less than 20 minutes simply because they walk right over to me, stand completely unencumbered and let me do what i need to do to take care of them. Brings me to another thing, is, horses are not expensive to take care of if you are taking care of them the way biology designed. Horses only really need about 4 things to be healthy and happy in this world. They need free choice access to roughage, the food they are designed to eat, mostly grass available to them at all times, and i know a lot of people are gonna be upset and think, oh my horse overeats and i can't let him do that. Horses only overeat if there's another problem just the way humans do. It's always a sign of an internal stress response, to either pain or some emotional disturbance or something like that so there are ways to correct that but i'm not going to get into it in this video. So, number 1, horses need free access to roughage based food constantly. Number 2, they need to live in an area just big enough to allow them to have as much movement that allows them to move in any way they like as much as they like and without any fear of moving that way. So, some of the most healthy herds i've managed were 5 horses set upon a paddock paradise one 1 acre. But horses don't really need a lot of space. They just need a lot of freedom in their mind and a lot of balance and health in their body. And they will take care of themselves quite well. On top of free choice hay obviously they need access to salt and water. But they need to have companions that they enjoy the company of, not forced friendships like we do so often in domesticated situations and they need proper mechanical hoof care so that their foundation is correct from the bottom up in terms of balance and the way it's affecting the rest of their body. That's really it. So, even if you have zero graze, a healthy horse that you're not using in some way and not having to buy all sorts of crazy supplements and equipment for, costs about a 100$ a month. And trust me, we know, we have 19 horses here, they cost about 2.000$ a month to feed. Which is crazy expensive if you have 19 so i don't suggest that but i get it, when people are scared to stop using horses as a paycheck and do something different because that's what we did and it's hard but we're figuring it out along the way and we're going to turn it into something that really helps other people too. Just remember, i didn't really go into details on learned helplessness because i'm tired and this horse is tired and we just kinda want to take a nap, but there's so much more to this than people realize and i'll keep showing up and i'll keep talking about it a little bit more and break it down more and more but the benefit to this isn't about finding out, oh, i've been doing this horrible thing. I know i've come on these videos and told you, horseback riding isn't vegan, it's harmful, i've destroyed all your lives and you don't know what to do now. Operating the way i do now with these horses has taught me more about love in action and relationship. Not just to horses but to everyone, every one of my personal relationships including and especially the one with myself has improved in ways that i never knew were possible. The sense of inner freedom that i have experienced by allowing these animals to live undomesticated in captivity has changed who i am and for those of you complimenting me, thank you so much but read the book and you'll understand that i really, really had a lot of issues before now that i'm so glad that this work has helped me overcome. There's so much more benefit to me, to loving horses like this than using them in some way. So, i'm really excited for the opportunity to share that and why it's so important, not just for horses, not just for me but for everyone who can see the benefit in learning how to take love and put it into action in all relationships in our lives. Thanks for watching, I'll keep rolling these out. If you have any questions, if you have any topic you want me to cover, send me a message. Boo's gonna fall asleep now. And if you're interested in what we do here, you wanna learn more and wanna help, please go to and consider donating. All of the money goes directly to the horses and if we can just get these horses fed on a regular funding source then we'll be able to use some of the rest of the money that comes through here to develop opportunities for people to come here to learn and so that's what we're trying to do. Thanks so much for helping and thanks for watching again.

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