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Mold and Cavity

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In this video a Mold and Cavity will be created. Begin by suppressing all of the previous steps. To suppress these steps, hover over the line at the bottom of the design tree. This line will turn blue and a hand will appear. When this happens simply drag the blue line just after the first step. Here we will begin creating the PVC pipe elbow To make this PVC pipe elbow two sketches were made. Sketch 1 is a circle made by using the circle sketch tool from the sketch tab. Dimensions were added to the circle sketch by using the smart dimension tool. The dimension is shown in pink. Click on the blue arrow to accept the sketch. In sketch 2 an arc is sketched, by using the arc tool on sketch tab. The dimension is shown in pink. Click on the blue arrow to accept the sketch. Open the Sweep feature. The Sweep Feature can be found in the features tab. Make sure the Sketch Profile option is chosen. Select sketch 1 (the circle) and select sketch 2 the path (the arc). These sketches can be chosen by using the design tree. Select the option to follow the path. Now select the green check to continue. The next step is a Extruded Boss. Before an Extruded Boss can be made a circle sketch is created. The dimensions of this sketch are shown in pink. Click the blue arrow to accept this sketch. Open the Boss Extrude Feature. The direction is set to blind and the depth is 0.50 in and is extruded towards the piece. Click the green check to accept these features. Follow the same steps you just completed to the other end of the PVC pipe elbow. The next feature is to add Chamfers. This feature is found in the features tab under fillet. The dimension is shown in pink. Choose the bottom in between the body sweep and extruded boss that was just created. Now create a rectangle using the sketch rectangle tools in the sketch tab. All the dimensions are shown in pink.Now Extrude Boss the rectangle 1.50 in, the direction is blind. Click the green check mark to accept. Use the Body-Move/Copy 1 feature to copy the PVC pipe elbow. Choose the location by moving the X, Y, Z locations. Specify the number of iterations. Then click the green check mark. Now use the Combine feature. Select the subtract option. For the main body select the Boss extrude of the rectangle. This will be highlighted in green. Then select the two PVC pipe elbow in the bodies to combine section. Then click the green check mark. Next step is to make an Extruded Cut. Draw a sketch of a half circle on using the tools from the sketch tab. The select the Extruded Cut feature and select the blind direction option and a depth of 1.50 in. Follow the same steps as before. Add chamfers to the edges of the Extruded Cuts. Select all four (4) edge and select depth 1 and 2 to be 0.06 in. Click the green check mark. Now mirror the entire body. Select Face 1 in the Mirror Face/Plane section. Select the entire body to mirror. A preview is shown in yellow. Click the green check mark. This is the final product.

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Posted by: vzuazo on Mar 11, 2017

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