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Training Teaching Pastors #106

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Training Teaching Pastors Before I invite anyone to teach, I watch about 12 of their messages. I ask God for discernment while I am listening to them preach on video or downloads. I think, "Do I sense enough giftedness, humility?" An important thing for us at Willow is real-time coaching. Will a person receive coaching? Does a person want to get better? Will they enter into a coaching mindset? Steve Carter would be an example. He was 31 when he joined us. He was a teaching pastor in Southern California. I listened to many of his talks. When I met with him I said, "Steve, I think you have potential. You have some rough edges that we will work on really hard. If you do not want very candid feedback, if you are not willing to work really hard and have some really tough coaching sessions, you need to avoid this church like the plague." Steve said, "I want to get better. I want to give a preaching gift back to God that is the absolute best return gift I can give to Him. I will take any amount of coaching. Do not spare me my feelings. I want to get better for God's sake." Every Saturday night when he preaches, we go in the back room. There are emotional sensitivities, so I will go down a list. I say, "Steve, you did this right. Great intro. Very clear first point, etc..." You have to be careful when you are coaching someone who has just spilled their guts on the stage especially in a big auditorium. Then I say, "I do have a couple coaching notes if you want them." I always ask permission. He has been with us for a couple of years, and I still ask him if he is open for coaching notes or if he is done for the night. To his credit every time he states, "I am wide open." I state, "We had a little problem in point two, because this did not go together well. No one understood the illustration about the boy and the dog. Who is...? I did not know what that was." Then we will work through some specifics like that. He is like a machine. He says, "Got it. Got it." He will stay up until 2am if he has to. When he comes in at 9am, often his 9am message is 20% better than his Saturday night one. Then we go in the back room and he asks for more coaching. I will coach him as much as I can. That is the power of team. The power of community. The power of humility. The power of offering gifts of coaching to each other. When you have an environment of trust and you can talk to each that way, we always talk about candor with kindness, candor with kindness. If you get that going in a culture, it is powerful.

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363GLS PTP 2014 - Clip 4 - Training Teaching Pastors

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