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Deepak Chopra

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I think sustainability is a very important issue but it will not happen unless there's a shift in our consciousness We still use the word environment, which is such an inaccurate word There is no such thing as an environment, it is your extended body We can't live without the atmosphere, it's our breath Those trees are our lungs Waters, rivers and oceans are our circulation The old tree cycles are our bodies So why do we call it the environment? It is as crucial to what we call our life as this body but this is mine that's not mine is another kind of major perceptual distortion Why do I call this my body and not the tree my body? Because somehow I have the feeling I'm inside my body But I'm not. There's nothing there, inside my body The real me is non-local which means it's everywhere So I'm not closer to this than I'm closer to that, even in space-time So I think unless we have that shift in our perception where we see the world as our extended body sustainability is a good idea but remains a good idea but if we want real sustainability there has to be a spiritual shift in a critical mass of people and that's what I want to help accelerate by teaming up with other people because I think sustainability, social justice, conflicts, terrorism, economic disparities, radical poverty, where we have a world with 50% of it's people living with less than US 2,00 a day 20% with less than one dollar a day They are not separate problems, they are one problem They are a problem of the separate self Unless we heal the separate self they are all going to exist and all our approaches are reductionist So we wanna do this, we wanna do that But in fact what we really need is a shift in consciousness There will never be social transformation unless there is personal transformation Society is made of people

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Deepak Chopra talks about sustainability and consciousness

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