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AC TRANSIT BUS FIGHT-- Interview w Tom (Epic Beard Man) & Parody Song

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-My name is Thomas Alexander Bruso in Chicago, Illinois. -Everyone's calling you Vietnam Tom. -Is that right? -Yes, so did you serve in Vietnam? -I did. -There have been millions of people that have seen this by now. Millions all around the world. At the beginning of the video, when you guys are having a words with one another, there was something about spit-shining. -I was talking about the clothes I was gonna wear to my friend Bob, who was my freakin' passenger friend on the bus. We were going to Frisco to get some weed for our Arthritis and pain and I was talking about, I'm gonna wear a power-blue-fuckin' suit and a white shirt and a red tie. He comes by and he like, "What you talkin' about, Stacey Adams spit-shining brother-shiners. What you talkin' about?" (unintelligible arguing) I ain't prejudice. What, you think I'm prejudice? "Man, you starting to piss me off. Get up in the front of the bus or I'll kick your ass." I says, "You know what? It's better to be pissed off than ..." -Get the fuck out of my face right now. -'Cause, I'm pissed off. -(indistinct) You ain't scared... -I'm 67 years ain't scared of me. You ain't scared of me. -I'll put my foot up. -No, you won't. No, you won't. -(indistinct) I'll wupp your ass. -And you actually went to the front of the bus. -Then I walked away. Saw me truckin'. Truckin' means walkin'. Walked up to my seat and sat by Bob and I was shaking, I was so nervous and mad. "I'll beat your ass." And I told him, "No, you won't." You're gonna get hurt today. -What? -Nuh-uh. Stop it. Oh! -I told you not to fuck with me! (indistinct) He fucking hit me! He fucking hit me first! And his girlfriend was an accomplice, the one that stole my bag and my money. The little black girl that videotaped it apparently, she showed herself stealing the bag. She put the fucking camera right on the bag and she walked away with my wallet and my keys. -She did? You got ripped off? -She got the fucking thing on the camera. -I got it on video. (indistinct) -No. -The girl, his fiancee? -Yeah. -I talked to her and she's agreed to be on my radio show on Monday and you're saying she has your stuff? -I'll go out with you. -So here's the thing. His fiancee's name is Tammy and-- -She stole my bag. Ask her about that. Ask her why she didn't return it right away. They got it back when they found her. -Really? he gave me my bag back with all the only thing missing was my money. -So, he's coming on the show on Monday. -The black guy? -Yeah, he said that he would kick your ass. -What? -You tell that motherfucker I'll give him seven chances and I'll wait another 20 years and still whip his ass when I'm 103. -And you're 67, right? -That's right. Want me to do a boxing match on the fucking live TV? I'll kick his ass in 32 seconds. -That's exactly what I wanted to do. That's what I wanted to do. Have you heard of Strike Force? -Yeah. -I know those guys. -I'm fucking Vietnam his ass. I'll kick in the head. Seven feet in the air. -All right, so we can either box or if you want to do MMA. -I'll beat his ass so motherfucking bad. -Okay, so I know the guys that put on Strike Force and I know the people at Showtime. -I'll do it. -When I come back. -And I think-- -I'll beat his ass again on live TV. -By then, I think the YouTube views-- -What's the price of money? -Well, that's what we could work on. -What's the prize money? I'm a prize fighter. I'm a money fighter, man. You bet on me, you come out seven you goin' to heaven. Talkin' about beating my ass. -That's what he said. He said it on video after you fit him. -I'll fuck you up. -Just since we've been talking, people have been stopping, waving, taking pictures. How many people have come up to you since a week ago? Since then. -Thousands. -Yeah? -And a teacher came up to me this morning and he says, you know ten thousand kids watch your video this morning on school tape TV. And everybody went into the auditorium and they applauded me and they said they'd like me to come to the school and be an honorary citizen at their school. -And let's be clear here. You're not a racist guy. Here's your best friend right here. -That's Scott, black man. And he'll beat your ass fucking with me. He's beat your white ass fucking with me. -I wouldn't fuck with you. -Look at his teeth. Hey, Scotty! Scotty! Scotty! Look at me, Scotty. Look, smile. He got no fucking--he don't like to fucking show his--I knock them teeth out when he try to fuck with me and that's how we got to be friends. I'd beat his ass stealing my cocaine. -Are you serious? -That's how we met and we've been friends ever since. He's homeless, I let him sleep on my floor. -Oh, well that's a good man. -Yeah, he's homeless. I bought him a bag of cigarettes and gave him five dollars and two quarts of beer for it. I got a one-bedroom. I got a color TV and a bed and a bunch of furniture and some money. -Shoe-shine guy. -Yeah. -What's goin' on, buddy? -So you saw -- Oh, I appreciate it. Thanks a lot, man. -I'm listening to you right now. -No, no. -You never thought that he would use his... But you pushed him and his mind went on a trip -Oh, snap! If I had to pick, I'd say he won and you got second place -I think for dessert you got disaster. -You'd never thought that you'd be dropped like you did -Oh, my God! -But he hit you so fuckin' hard, it ... -Damn! -Oh, that's awesome! -'Cause you've thought you'd clown on a bus downtown but he knocked you down Knocked you down When Viet Nam Tom's Around He'll knock you down when trying to clown he will knock you down -I think I owe you this. -When Viet Nam Tom's Around Just shut your mouth Shut your mouth and don't be a clown -Yeah, it's your fault, you clown. -She just died in the middle of August. I'm sorry to hear about that. -I didn't get to see her alive. -I'm sorry about that, man. -My poor mama's died. -Sorry about that. -Like, a month from now, when he returns, by then, my guess is about 40 millions people would've seen this bus incident. Michael, the guy that he stopped from hitting him and he stood up for himself. Michael says he'll kick his ass, so I wanna set something up through Strike Force and Showtime and maybe the world will end up seeing this. And I appreciate it. get your ass kicked, Michael on Strike Force. You will get your ass kicked worse than Muhammad Ali and Frazier. You will get your ass whipped. -So, you obviously saw the clip. -Yeah. -What did you think about it? -Umm...I thought it was pretty nice to see, you know... a guy came up and you walked away from the fight and, you're like, "I don't want to mess with you. Don't mess with me." Went and sat down. He came up and... -Hit me in the face. -Hit you in the face and... -When Viet Nam Tom's Around He'll knock you down when trying to clown He'll knock you down When Viet Nam Tom's Around Just shut your mouth Ride the bus and don't be a clown Transcribed by SpongeSebastian for

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After AC Transit Bus fight, Viet Nam Tom talks about what happened. (Captioned by Sebastian for

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